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Penis size reduction

58 years old. My erect penis is about half the size it was about 2 years ago.  It is almost too small to have sex.  No problems in getting an erection.  Slightly more curvature up from base.  Have had low testosterone for about 2 years. Is this temporary or should I see improvement with tetesterone treatment?  If not, is there such thing as a practical implant.

This discussion is related to Penis size  reduction (both flaccid and erect) and urinary issues.
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I do understand your concern. With regards to your low testosterone levels, have you been evaluated along this line? Low testosterone may be due to several factors including underlying systemic conditions such as hormonal disorders caused by problems in the pituitary, mumps and previous trauma or injury to the area. The best treatment is to identify the cause of the decreased testosterone levels and have this cause treated or managed.

In your case would you know what could have caused the decrease in testosterone levels?

"Testosterone replacement therapy can improve sexual interest, erectile function, mood and energy, body hair growth, bone density, and muscle mass. There are several methods of testosterone replacement:
Tablets (stick to the gums)

...The best method will depend on the cause of the problem."

At this point, it is best to discuss your concerns with your physician so that the right management may be given.
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Are you having regular erections?  Have you ever been evaluated for ED?  If you don't have Nocturnal erections it might be why you seem to have "shrinkage"

Get to a doctor and try to find out why you have low testosterone and what form of Hypogonadism you have.  If its testicular failure you will want to look at your options for Hormone Replacement if your "signals" are wrong you might want to give a drug like Clomid a try and see if it kickstarts you back into production.
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Your lucky: mine fell off.
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