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groin itch X 4 years

I have had itching around my groin constantly for 4 + years.  In the beginning it weeped clear fluids.  The past 2 years it has changed to dry but the skin robs off daily.  It simply itches - no outward signs.  When I feel ill it itches more than normal but it always itches.  I have tried every topical ointment.  A skin specialist 4 years ago tried to help and after 6 months of no results recommended me to infectious disease - they could not find why.  The dermatologist did run cultures and found both staff and strep.  In 4 years it's still there.  There are no other symptoms - it's as if you would draw a circle around (but not on) my groin.  This is the only location.  I now have chronic fatigue but doctors can find no reason.  They discount my itch but I know it is something and is not normal.  HELP!
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    How are you? Itching in the groin region can be due to excess sweating (hyperhydrosis), fungal infections, acanthosis nigricans, dandruff, hydradenitis supparativa, heat rash etc.
In all the above mentioned causes, hyperhydrosis and fungal infections are more common. Have you ever used antifungal treatments? Tinea cruris or jock itch is the common fungal infection that affects the skin of your inner thighs, buttocks and genitals. It causes an itchy red, ring shaped rash in these areas. Skin scrapings will help determine the fungus.

Hyperhydrosis can occur due to many conditions like food, climate, beverages, menopause, low level of male hormones, low blood sugars, tuberculosis, certain drugs, heredity, stress and anxiety.
Consult a dermatologist, for complete evaluation and treatment accordingly.
All the best.

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not gonna be able to get a straight answer from most doctors, seems ALOT have this problem and never get proper treatment and most dr's blow it off as something else. but there are some dr's out there that know exactly what it is and will treat it if you talk to them properly and pay a heavy fee.
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