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urine results

had urine test that showed WBC(5-9), trace leukocytes and >100000 mixed gram positive flora.  What exactly is mixed gram positive flora, gram positive bacteria?  also did not do clean catch, I also had routine blood test and when trying o give urine sample the blood was dripping down my are, had to set cup down to clean arm, and did not do midstream.  results said probable contamination, why is this?  thank you
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Thank you!
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Hi Mimililma

I think that you may have guessed at the problem. You did not do a clean catch sample. This means that the urine sample contained all kinds of normal skin flora. Normal skin flora are bacteria that are normally and routinely found on the skin and cause no problems.

When the urine was cultured (grown) in the Microbiology lab, all those organisms from your skin, grew as well.

When the lab gets more than 3 different types of bacteria growing (or sometimes, depending on the lab, the cut-off number is 4 or higher) then the lab knows that it is unlikely that all these different organisms are the cause of the infection. In addition, the lab will also often recognize certain of the bacteria as benign skin flora, which will signal to the lab that the sample is contaminated with skin bacteria.

The lab will therefore not carry on to identify what may be dozens or hundreds of different types of bacteria which they know are probably not causing any problems at all.

The lab will then send back a report saying that the sample was contaminated.

Gram positive is just a way to split off and identify certain bacterial. Bacteria that are "Gram positive" stain purple when a Gram stain is applied to a smear of the bacteria. "Gram negative" bacteria stain red with the same stain.

The blood did not enter into the urine sample, by the way, since you didn't report any red cells being found in the sample.

Return to your doctor and repeat the test. However, to be honest, you had very few white cells (WBC's) in the urine, so you may not have a urinary tract infection at all, or if you do, it may be quite mild. Drink lots of cranberry juice and you might clear it right up without the need for any antibiotics. Cranberry juice turns your urine more acidic on the pH scale, and this sometimes has the effect of clearing out a urinary tract infection.

Hope some of these suggestions are of assistance to you.
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