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urologic symptoms unexplained

It seems that I have a UTI.. however the doc says I don't...  I have blood in my urine, low count of white blood cells, pain during urination, consistent pain in the lower left side right above the pelvic bone that wraps around to the back
in the same area as front, I am experiencing chills on and off with a temp of 99, when eating I am experiencing alot
of air bubbles traveling right down the center of my diaphram to my navel, I have had 6 UTI's in the last 12 months with
no known cause at this time, a DNC was recently done because of abnormal thicking of the uterus and a blood clot
that was noted as well, I biopsy was done  of the lining and normal, since DNC bloating and hardening of the entire
abdomen have been resolved, last year I was in ER and a large amount of crystals were found in my bladder however
nothing was ever done about it.  

What do all of these symptoms have in common or not.. and what does any of this mean????
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All most i have same problems, i never had UTI but same symptoms.. I have used ciprofloxacin, DoxyCycline other related tabs.. no use.. pls suggest, if u come across.
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when I get a diagnosis I will fill you in.. going back to docs tomorrow...  so will see what they are thinking and post back here after..  take care
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doc said today to wait three weeks and repeat a UA...  so I asked what I was suppose to do in the mean time with the moderate pain in my lower left side.. and my frequent urination that is increasing more at night time during sleep...  never use to go up.. and since this all started I was getting up around midnight with a full bladder.. and over the last week it is now 2 times in the mid night.....  so now they agreed that I need to be seen and looked at better....  whatever it is.. it is either blocking my bladder or tubes.. or I may have some infection or inflamation going on somewhere...  will fill you in too... thanks for the reply.
take care and hope you get a diagnosis soon!!

keep me posted
:O )
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seems they think I have kidney stones for sure.. and unsure what else is going on.. waiting to see another urologist...  will fill you in as I know..

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