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Young active male with varicose veins?!

Hi, I am an fit and active 22 year old male with no known health issues. My mother suffers from varicose veins and over the recent years my veins have become more prominent.
I have fairly thick skin, don't bruise easily and a stocky build, but yet veins in my arms and mainly legs seem to appear to stick out. When sat down it is hardly noticeably but after standing up for long periods of times they show, (the hotter it is the more they show) Also it is on both legs, do I need to seek advice from a doctor?

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Varicose veins are blood vessels that have enlarged because of years of blood sitting in them and stretching their walls. They become large and begin losing their shape. Varicose veins are usually not much of a health problem other than the fact that they can look unsightly. When they get large enough they can cause other issues such as pain, and ulcers over the skin that they are in. I will say that varicose veins are quite unusual in 22 year old man. I wonder if what you have is something else. Only your doctor will be able to tell. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. He or she can examine your legs and determine if what you have is actually varicose veins. If they are, then it will be worth while trying to explore why you developed them at such a young age. The next step will be to work on a treatment plan to prevent them from getting any worse. This will include the use of tight compression stockings that will prevent blood from pooling in your veins while you are standing. Other treatments are available as well that should probably be tabled for a later time when your veins are causing other health problems such as pain and leg ulcers. Do you work at a job that requires you to stand most of the time? Do you exercise a lot?
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I was searching for answers to my problem (pain, swelling, heaviness and flushing of the skin on my legs when standing and walking), and I saw your post, and I will try to help.

I think varicose veins would cause your legs to feel heavy or hurt. Do your legs hurt when this happens?  You said your mother has varicose veins...so please ask her is her veins are prominent when she stands up...

I don't think you have varicose veins, because varicose veins are always there, not just when you stand up. And they are blue.    I think it is more serious.  You might have something else...like some kind of POOLING OF BLOOD in the veins.  But I don't know what causes it.

Tell your doctor and let him see the photo also.
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Your heart is not strong enough to pump the blood up from your feet so the veins in your legs have a one-way valve and as you move around your leg muscles move the blood up and back into circulation. When you are standing for a long time do small squats and tiptoes to get the calves and thighs helping get the blood moving. There are studies that suggest that cayenne applied topically to legs and feet help and turmeric taken internally is also supposed to help circulation.
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