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Hi Everyone .. and welcome to LIVE CHAT!   This is where we can talk about our weight loss, our exercise, ask questions, share knowledge and/or socialize and get to know each other a bit.

Just be sure to refresh your screen often so you can keep up with the community members!

How's your day today?  How's your weight loss going?  Any questions?
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Hi Ranae,  I think we're a bunch of fuddy-duddies tonight.  I was just checking the forum before going to bed and caught the Live Chat.

U still HERE?
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Hi Sweetie .. yes, I am here and was running a little late myself.  Will probably stay on a while and see if some others join later or give those on the West Coast a chance to chime in .. loll  How you are doing????
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Hi Ranae, I just joined the community.

I replied to your post on the social forum telling you I really would like to join the chat tonight and fortunately I was able to do it. Would like to share experiences and ask questions as well. :)
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Hi to both of you.

Welcome, PrettyKitty.  It's good to have you in the community and here tonight!
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Hello PrettyKitty .. so glad to see you are here and posting!  Haven't had a chance to read them yet, but did see them when I got on.  Sorry .. was running a little late from work tonight.

Would love to chat .. so .. what would you like to ask?  And WELCOME to the group!  Thrilled you are here!!!
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Hi twehner5,

Thanks! I would like to stay here and share my own experiences for a long time. I think this is a great community and I'm glad I joined......................again!
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Good, we need people who are willing and eager to share their experiences.  That's such a big help and encouragement to others!
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Gotta put a  6-year-old to bed...back in a flash!
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Twehner is one of our drill sergeants .. lolll ... she helps with some of the exercise challenges (like crunches) and always has a welcoming smile.
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Yes, with pleasure. Due to external factors like stressful job and other conflicts, my weight has decreased very rapidly, I think. I’ve lost 7 lbs in a month. Would you say that this is normal, to lose 6 lbs in a month? I don’t eat and it isn’t because I see myself overweight or because I think I’ll gain weight. It’s just a bit of depression and owning a hectic life. Would you guys say I have eating disorders? I weigh 127 now. I just stepped on the scale and that was the number I got. I am 5’3 but do not have a small from. Naturally, I have big hips, you know, I am curvy.  Those who know me say I am getting underweight. My face, I admit I look like I suffering from starvation. Would you say I have eating disorders? What do you think?

*sigh* I have been healthy all my life, running, working out like crazy, and eating healthy. Now my health has gone downhill due to my busy life. What can I do about it?

I KNOW I'll get the support I need from you guys. I just need to know if I really have eating disorders and if I do, how can I work on it. I swear I cannot eat. I can't :( I don't get hungry anymore.
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Oh, I didn't miss anything - I thought you'd try to tell her some sort of evil about me...

Good thing you didn't!  She'll find out soon enough.
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Ohhh .. sure Twehner .. tucking the little one in brings back wonderful memories...  :0)

PrettyKitty .. you still there?  Would love to hear your experiences!
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