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What's Your Eating "Style"??

I read an article yesterday while sitting under the dryer in the beauty shop --- it had a list of tips we could do to lose weight -- actually, the article was in the current issue of Reader's Digest.  

Most of the list was things that we are all familiar with - although we may not follow them..................lol

Even though I've always known this, I've never given it a lot of thought...  It was about eating more slowly and eating more spices.  The article said that most of us eat so fast that we've actually overeaten long before our brain even knows we are full.  So if we slow down our eating, the fullness will be able to register in our brains with much less food.  

Also, according to the article, if you eat spicy foods, you naturally eat slower - I've never thought about this part, have you?; AND an added bonus is that you will most likely drink more water, which will also help fill you up.  

I'm used to eating fast, especially at lunch time, because I often eat "on the run" but I only get a 30 minute lunch break so even if I do get to stop and sit down, I end up "porking" my food down anyway because I have to get back up and go again.  Now it's become such a habit, that I do the same thing at all my meals..................So, I'm wondering what other people's eating style is............

I'm going to try slowing down a bit and see how it goes...........anyone care to join me?

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I to sometimes eat to fast, usually lunch times not because of work but my lunch time follows the gym, so im usually starving, i try to eat a piece of fruit on the way home which helps a little, I also try to put my fork down between biteswhich helps,
I didnt know that about spicy food, bring on the curry,lol
My husband can eat a huge plate of food and is never full and he will go looking for more, he can finish his plate of food before i even start on mine,
maybe i will sprinkle chillies on his dinner to slow him down
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I learned to eat slowly years ago due to my gastro issues.  I do think I've sped up though since my husband refuses to eat at the table.  I think when you're at the table and having conversation with your meal that it helps you to eat slower.  I can definitely see how spicy foods slow you down.  Love my curries!
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Okay, you guys have the right idea -- putting your fork down between bites has been proven to slow you down.  

Elaine, you might want to try eating something light BEFORE going to the gym, then eat the fruit on the way home, then you won't be so hungry for lunch.  Maybe a yogurt or a cheese stick just before you start your workout?  

Trudie -- now that you say that about gastro issues, I wonder if I could have saved myself some discomfort over the years, if I'd slowed down a bit??  Maybe so.  I also agree that when you sit at the table, with others and there's conversation, it does tend to slow you down; I was taught not to talk with my mouth full, so I can either talk or eat - I'll have to choose to talk more in the future.................lol

Okay - you two - I do like some spices, but I've never really tried curry -- in fact, I'm really ignorant about it.  Can you give me some ideas to use it?  

My favorite spices are chili powder and red pepper.........I use them for  --- okay, I'll admit that I do this -- I use them in chili ..............lol         But I also use them in spaghetti sauce, also a rice dish that I make containing browned hamburger, canned tomatoes, tomato sauce and rice (yes, I *do* use brown rice).  Sometimes when I fry chicken, I'll put both spices in the flour mixture........oh stop that --- fried chicken is not THAT bad on an occasional basis, if you use "good" fats, skinless chicken etc............OR the chicken can be coated and baked........

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I hate cold food so I heat mine up extra in the microwave. It makes it so hot it takes longer to eat. I also use a teaspoon to eat instead of a tablespoon. That takes longer too. I try to eat slow and I definitely eat slower than I used to but I still have my "shoveling it in" days.

I also like food with a little kick to it. I like red pepper, cayenne pepper and garlic. I also make sure if I'm real hungry to drink a bottle of water before and during my meal.
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I eat fast and I eat a big portion, especially at dinner time.  I'm now changing my ways and hoping to cut down the portions at dinner.
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Barb, will find you a healthy not too spicy curry recipe.  There are many different types - Thai (green, red, yellow, etc.) and Indian (Madras, korma, vindaloo, etc.).  They aren't all hot and you can adjust the heat.  For me it is the flavor of the curry that I find outstanding!
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i don't think i eat to fast, though i do have plenty of small portions throughout the day, i tend to have breakfast at 7am, followed by a piece of fruit at 10-10.30am, lunch is at 12.30pm until 1.30pm which is normally fruit with pasta or sandwiches or something, another piece of fruit or hot chocolate made with water rather than milk between 3-4pm, dinner is normally at 6pm which is normally meat with veg or curry with 75g boiled rice and that's normally me unless i fancy a sweet i'll have a weight watchers dessert.  I don't think this is a lot what do you all think?  I do try and exercise twice a week but i'm aiming to go for 3 days this week
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