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CHALLENGE POST - What's In Your Lunch Pail?

It's always great to plan your meals ahead, which helps to keep calories in perspective and bad last minute lunch choices at bay.  So tell me....what's in your lunch pail today?  (Or on the lunch menu in general....)

Today my lunch plan is to have a piece of tilapia, brown rice, and steamed mixed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots)....all saved from last night's meal intentionally for this purpose.  
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I found Kashi frozen lunches on sale at my grocery store health food section, so I thought I'd try them out.  I couldn't afford them at full price, but on sale and with a coupon, they were affordable.  

I had something Mayan Bake on Friday.  It was pretty good.  Plantains and bulgar and more stuff.  
And some canned pineapple and a Fiber One granola bar.
Water to drink.

I like it better when I make food and heat it up as leftovers, but Kashi stuff is pretty good when I am lacking leftovers.
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I was at home and had pita bread with some sauteed chicken and onion and peppers, plus some fresh tomatoes and homemade hummus in it.  Dessert was an Activia yogurt.
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Im at work, so i brought with me today:

1 pepperoni Lean Pocket
1 Lite cinnamon apple sauce
1 Quaker low fat dark chocolate cherry granola bar

Plus water!

Not a great lunch but trying to clean out the old stuff so this weekend can buy new stuff. : )
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