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How Will You Approach the Holidays?

Holidays can be a tempting time and a time when we are faced with many choices.  Do we eat the candy for Halloween?  What about stuffing ourselves at Thanksgiving or all those yuletide parties?  

Well, the truth is, WE make the choices that determine our future!  Try asking yourself this .. Do you want to greet the new year having remained on a healthy plan, losing weight and being the belle of the ball or the striking prince?  Wouldn't it be great to have people come up and notice the difference and say, "My, YOU look stunning .. how are you doing that with the holidays?"

How are you going to approach the holidays and greet the New Year?

With a sincere effort to pull together as we approach the upcoming holidays, it is most helpful to enlarge our circle of friends and build a strong support system here in our community.  Invite your friends, both inside and outside of MedHelp, to come join us; the more the merrier and the larger our support and knowledge base grows to aid us in our efforts.  

To kick off the season, you're warmly invited to a fat-free, sugar-free Halloween Party!  Join in the fun and participate in MedHelp’s 2008 Halloween Community Scavenger Hunt where we can all Trick or Treat together !  

The Halloween Party starts here http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/671030 ; let's P a R t Y ! ! !
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I didn't get here in time to vote, but count me in also.  I recently read in a book that if tell "allow" ourselves to have whatever we want, it's not so hard to pass it up.  I've tried it and it really does work.  I just tell myself that I CAN have it, I just don't want it; that makes it easier to walk away from things I shouldn't be eating.  
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Well sorry I'm just a "I'll try".  Not as much will power around the holiday seasons.  I eat pretty healthy;  I just like to eat alot!  LOL  

That was alot of fun and as C~ said a GREAT way to start off the day.   :-)  

Happy Halloween everyone.  Amy
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I'm in and what a great, fun way to start off my day (and NEXT year too LOL!)

The Party was a BLAST and easy to do ... everybody stop by ...

Happy Trick or Treating!

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