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Sunday Weigh In January 24, 2021

Good morning... How is everyone this morning?  It's kind of a cloudy day and looks like we may get a bit of rain - remains to be seen.  I need my sunshine and this will be the second day in a row without any!!  

There's not a lot going on here.  We've been struggling to get COVID vaccinations, as the process in my State/County has been somewhat chaotic to say the least.  Our governor started with vaccinations for elderly (65 and older) first and for a while, the county was the only entity providing vaccinations for the public.  The first time they opened their website, they had over 50,000 people sign up, so it's been closed for weeks, because it's going to take a loooooonnnnngggg time for them to call all those people to se up appointments.  According to recent updates, they are still calling people who signed up on Dec 28, which is the first day their site was open.  We signed up early on the 29th, so we have no idea when we'll get our calls.  Fortunately, they've begun providing vaccine to pharmacies of one of our major grocery chains, so that's opened up possibilities, but getting an appointment with one of these pharmacies is almost as hard as getting one with the County Health Department.  My husband did get lucky and got into the site last week so he was able to make appointments for both of us.  We had our first shot on Thursday and have appointments in Feb for the second shots.  I have some neighbors who have spent hours online trying to get an appointment to no avail.  I notified them of the County sign up so they were able to sign up shortly after we did; hopefully, they will come up on the list soon, since some people who signed up with the county have since gotten appointments elsewhere.  

I saw my orthopedic doctor on Tues and he said my foot still has a stressed area that I have to be careful of so I don't end up with another stress fracture.  I do still have pain and some swelling, but he said I can start weaning out of the boot.  When I'm in the house, I can wear a regular shoe on my foot, but when I go outside or go shopping, etc, I'll have to wear the boot.  I see him again, in 3 weeks (2.5 now) for another x-ray.  Hopefully, I can be out of the boot then.

In spite of the boot, I've been walking with my neighbor every other day (to prevent overuse of my foot).  We've only been doing short walks on my street, but this week, I decided we could "expand our horizons", so we started going uptown to the sidewalks.  The route we take is considerably longer than just staying on my street, so it's quite a challenge for me.  Although the first day caused my foot to be quite sore by the time we were done, it doesn't seem to be doing any damage.  

My leg muscles are very weak because I haven't been able to walk much.  In place of walking or doing outside things as usual, I've been taking calligraphy classes and/or practicing my calligraphy, which means a lot of sitting.  Hopefully, with the extra walking, it won't take too long to strengthen them again.

I'm still trying to be careful of what I eat and between that, and the extra walking, I've managed to lose a pound... yay me!!   I haven't been keeping my weight tracker up to date since August but am going to start updating it regularly again.  Perhaps that will be a bit more incentive, as well since it's always nice to be able to see weight going down vs going up.  

I still haven't called to make an appointment to start the Physical Therapy on my cervical spine that my neuro prescribed, so am going to do that tomorrow.  I'm sure that will help me get a bit more exercise, as well, since precious PT events have been chock full of weights, balance exercises, resistance bands, etc.  

So - that's my story.  How are things going with you?  I hope you were able to accomplish whatever goal(s) you set for yourself this week.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Be safe and wash your hands**
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That's good news about your foot,  Barb. Is the sole of the boot thicker than the sole of your shoe on the other foot? An uneven gait can be awfully hard on the back; you might be sure to mention having been in a boot to the person you're seeing about your spine.

And lucky you, on the vaccine! We're waiting for our HMO to let us know when they want us to come. I feel like they don't even realize people are anxious -- they haven't sent around any kind of general information, and if you call in they say don't call us, we'll call you.

My weight is the same as last week, to the tenth of a pound. We had a big meal last night and I then ate some extra potato salad after it, so being the same as last week is fine, it could have been lots worse. Like you, I'm thinking it might be time to crank up my tracker again ... I stopped because we bought a new scale, and both my husband and I noticed that it weighed us about a pound and a half heavier. I'm willing to live with not knowing for sure if the old scale or the new scale is actually correct (if either one even is!), because all I'm concerned about is the loss or gain from week to week. But though I'm willing to note an added pound and a half if I thought I had really gained it, I didn't want to add a pound and a half to my tracker that was just a fluke of the difference between scales. Anyway, it's been long enough by now that I'll probably just go back and start a new tracker calibrated to the new scale.

We've been staying at the family's farm since Christmas and resisting going back to the suburbs because the dogs are happier here, and also because it gives us the illusion of going places and doing things in this shut down time. But the farm, a big, old, leaky, rangy building, is hard to heat. 9I'm expecting the heating bill to be $700 for the last month.) The new house is much more efficient, so I think we'll be moving back this upcoming week.

That's about the limit of our exciting adventures nowadays! We've even gone back to ordering groceries and picking them up versus going into a grocery store, since that new, very contagious strain of Covid is out there. We are crossing fingers that we get the vaccine before we get the virus or they open the schools again.

Have a great week!

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