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Trick or Treat Fun!

Hope everyone plans to join us for some Trick or Treat Fun!  We've got some activities coming up with a Scavenger Hunt through the communities .. stay tuned!

Hope you're enjoying this blustery fall (almost winter .. lol) day!  

What are YOU indulging in rather than Halloween goodies?  

For me, it's all about moderation and choices.  Actually have been induling in creamsickles (popsickle surrounded by a white middle - 20 calories) and rejoicing in another 1/2 lb, exercise and healthy choices .. like gingerbread pancakes and roasted chicken breast and acorn squash.

How about you???
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Sounds fun! Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks. Also, 100-cal chocolate ice cream bars, but only once or twice per week on those.  Anymore, I'm trying not to snack between meals AT ALL because it leads me from one snack to another  :(
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Can't wait!  When I'm having a real craving I go for skinny hot chocolate and occasionally an oatmeal cookie.  Otherwise, no sugar.  All the fall vegetables and my love of beans and legumes are keeping me full and satisfied.
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I'm in .. cannot wait for the MedHelp Fun ...

Count me in!

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