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5 Month Struggle with BV Symptoms - In Need of an Answer ASAP

I've never had problems with BV until June of this year. I started noticing a thicker discharge, usually yellow. The smell was unlike anything I've had before. I used Monistat thinking it was a yeast infection, and it worked temporarily but always came back. Then very recently, I've unfortunately had to undergo an abortion. It was unexpected, unplanned and I wasn't ready. 4 weeks after that, I started my period again, and I've noticed the same smell. I'm afraid of it causing an infection since it hasn't been cured. (I took the abortion pill; Misoprostol. So my chances of getting an infection are lowered than someone who had a surgical abortion.) But it still worries me. I'm going to my doctor on December 1st to get on birth control, as well as getting this suspected BV under control. It's very embarrassing and it makes me feel disgusting. I've been dealing with BV symptoms for about 5 months now. I want it gone. I want it gone and to never return. Should I recommend the RePhresh? I heard it's the most efficient way to kill the bacteria almost permanently.
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Hi there. Bacterial vaginosis is treated with antibiotics prescribed by a doctor.  You need to see your doctor.  If it doesn't clear immediately, they often prescribe it for your partner as well and you both take it.  But they start with just you.  

You need to see a doctor and no, nothing like RePhresh works. good luck
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