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I am 53 years old with ADHD and my question is: Is it possible for a 51 yr old to be diagnosed as ADHD ( slight hyperactivity, more ADD )?  Supposedly, before my 7th Birthday I had a photogenic memory. Shortly before that birthday I was bitten by a Copperhead, was given the anti-venom in small doses, almost lost my leg and life, and stayed hospitalized for 3 weeks.  One week after being discharged, I had a Grand-Mal Seizure that lasted 24 hours before it could be stopped.  The doctors attributed it to Epilepsy but years later a Neurologist at the University of New Orleans determined it was caused from the snake bite and took me off of all meds. I have not had a seizure since.  But, after the snake bite and following seizures, I no longer could remember as before, everything became a struggle, I would become easily distracted and could never finish anything.  It was not until I was put on Adderall 2 yrs ago that I noticed a significant change. I was finally able to concentrate, accomplish tasks without alot of effort as well as retain most of the material that I read or heard.  I'm just wondering if I truly have ADHD though it did not manifest itself as most with ADHD do?
Thank you for any insight you may have.
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I am not a doctor by any means, and I don't know a whole lot about ADHD.  That being said, here is my take: long-lasting seizures are known to cause brain damage and even death.  I think that 24 hour seizure you had caused some mild brain damage, and that certain medications will help you, ADHD or not.  I am NOT suggesting that there is anything 'wrong' with you... just trying to give you the little bit of insight I have.  Hope this helps. - Blu
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