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Could I be pregnant or am I just stressed?

I understand that the most legitimate way of knowing if I'm pregnant or not is to take a pregnancy test, but before I go to such measures, I want to gather some outside opinions.

I am a 22 year old college student and a part-time cocktail waitress. My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years and although we're very happy together, we're not ready to hear wedding bells just yet. We're both in school and have plans and dreams for ourselves.

I have been on Birth Control for almost 2 years now. I use the pills both to prevent pregnancy and to regulate my periods, which have been irregular throughout most of my adolescence. I at first used a different brand of Birth Control, which turned out to be too strong for me. So last June, I switched to the brand Nortrel. I've heard that this particular brand of BC can have some harsh side effects, but I haven't experienced many.

Along with taking the pill, my boyfriend and I have always used a condom. We use both methods of contraception to ensure that we don't end up as young parents. I'm definitely not ready to be a mom. I want more for myself; an education and life experiences, before I even consider parenthood. I don't even know if my boyfriend is really the one for me. I'm still young and have my whole life ahead of me.....

I'm really scared and need some advice.

Here's my situation:

On the night of February 13th, 2012 my boyfriend and I were intimate for the first time in several weeks. I had just gotten off of my period and had started my new pack of pills on Sunday, the 12th.
Usually when we have intercourse, we go without a condom until closer to the end, right before he finishes. We've never had a problem with this method before. I've researched on the possibility of getting pregnant from pre-***, but the chances are fairly low, especially if the man hasn't ejaculated anytime prior. From what I understand, the only way to get pregnant from pre-*** is if he ejaculates, doesn't urinate, and then goes for another round.
We partook in our romp for the evening and he wore a condom when he finished.

The next day, Valentine's Day, we slept in until late in the afternoon. Before deciding to get up, we again were intimate. We did the same as we usually do: Left the condom off until closer to the end. We put one on for the final stretch. I was on top. However, when we finally finished and I got off of him, I realized that the condom had come off inside me. I'm assuming that the condom was still on when he ejaculated, but got stuck inside me when I got up.
It caused a little bit of a panic at first. He inspected the condom and saw that most of his *** had collected towards the base of the condom, rather than at the tip where it was supposed to be. There wasn't very much *** either and nothing came out of me when I rushed to the bathroom right afterward. According to him, since we had had sex the night before, he didn't have as much *** this time around. I'm not sure if this is something logical or not, but we decided to dismiss any worry. I'm on the pill, and that's what it's for; to serve as a back-up in case the condom fails.

A couple days after the 14th, I noticed that I began feeling a bit nauseous. This was a mere 3 days after we had last slept together. The nausea would come right after eating something. I was a little concerned, but it went away after a few days. It came back again however, even worse than before, around the 22nd. By Friday the 23rd, I started to stress out really badly. What if, somehow, I could be pregnant? I began researching early symptoms of pregnancy. It was relieving to find that I didn't exhibit any other symptoms except the nausea, so I calmed down a bit. However, I started inspecting my breasts to see if they were sore at all, and at first they weren't, but now they do feel a bit swollen and tender. I'm not sure if it's because I've been messing with them or not, or if my stress is causing the tenderness, but there's definitely a little bit of pain; primarily in my left breast, and closer to my armpit. The nausea has seemed to subside, but the breast tenderness persists.

There's a few other things that I've noticed. My body has been sore and hunger has been creeping up on me more often. However, these symptoms can all be contributed to other things. I work at a casino, which is physically and mentally draining. I'm usually always sore to some degree from my job. I also don't eat very much due to my crazy backward schedule. I work a lot of late night shifts and sleep during the day, so I miss out on regular meals. Therefore causing me to be overly hungry a lot of the time.

The chances of me getting pregnant seem too small for me to be worrying this much, but I'm stressing out about it more and more as I take notice to these symptoms. It's gotten to the point of losing sleep and not being able to focus on my school work. I've talked to a few people about it, including my mom, and everyone says not to worry until I've actually missed my period. I'm due to start around the 7th of March....a little over a week from now.

I've been trying to stop worrying about it, and it seems like when I'm not thinking about my stresses, I start to feel better and like myself again. But the worry always seems to find it's way back to my mind...especially with the breast tenderness being a constant reminder.

I'm just wondering if these "symptoms" that I'm feeling are just a case of bad stress? I know that stress can cause breast tenderness. My worrying might be creating fake symptoms as well. I'm really hoping this is the case, because I don't want to be pregnant at all. I know that pregnancy and parenthood can be a wonderful thing, but in my current circumstance, it would alter my entire life in a very negative way. I'm not ready, nor do I want to be a mother at all right now.

I need some outside opinions. Am I just stressing out about this too much, which in turn is causing all of these symptoms? Or could I actually be experiencing early signs of pregnancy?
Also, what are the odds of conceiving given the circumstances of my Valentine's Day intimacy?

I've done some more research on the likeliness of getting pregnant from pre-***. The odds seem to be in my favor in that category. I've also looked up how possible it is to get pregnant when the condom comes off inside of you. I know for a fact that it was on when he ejaculated, and that it only came off when I got off of him. Much of the information I've found about that suggests that it would be very difficult to conceive in that circumstance. Even if his sperm did get in me from the base of the condom.

Again, I'm really scared and nervous. I've had pregnancy scares like this before that turned out to be nothing, but never anything to where I actually had breast tenderness and nausea.
I've already been stressing out a lot due to college and my job. Adding this on top of everything else might be causing my body to react in this way.

I've decided to wait and see what happens with my period before I resort to a pregnancy test or a visit to my doctor.

Sorry for the long question, but I wanted to explain my situation in detail. Thank you for reading and I appreciate any helpful responses.

I hope that everything will end up okay.

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