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Extreme nausea during menstruation

During a majority of my periods, I will bleed pretty lightly for the first day, and then it will become heavy for the next few days. In the past year however, quite a few periods that I have gotten include a time during the "heavy" days where bleeding stops, almost as if it is clogged as gross as that sounds. Then my flow will become extremely heavy for a few hours, as if it has been unclogged. I really wouldn't mind this, but it comes with extreme nausea in a way that I feel like my body is pushing out my uterine lining and every push creates a sensation of intense nausea. I've tried antacid tablets, thinking it was increased stomach acid, but that hasn't worked. Could this be hormonal? Or maybe it has to do with diet (I am very picky, so I don't have the best nutrition)? Is this serious? Does anyone have any experience with how to deal with this?
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I used to have this problem, it took over 2 years to get diagnosed because my doctors kept trying to persuade me that it was 'anxiety', despite me knowing that I felt ok, except for worrying about vomiting all the time! I kept a diary of when symptoms were worse/better and it turned out that it was menstrual cycle related. I went onto the 'Yasmin' contraceptive pill, and after a couple of months, symptoms disappeared (except for when I'm on the pill break each month).
Yasmin worked for me, but it has a higher instance of Deep Vein Thrombosis in women over 35, or who are overweight.
Antacids may also help, as will eating small meals throughout the day, to avoid having an empty stomach... good luck!
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