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HPV vaccine over 26?

Hi, everyone. So I've never had the HPV vaccine and will turn 26 in December. I had no idea that they usually put a limit on who can get the vaccine.

For one, I never had the vaccine, because I've never been that sexually active. I have had only two sexual partners my entire life and it was really only a one time thing both times.

Will I still be able to get the vaccine? Or do they really cut it off at age 26? If so, why? Is it not considered safe for people my age? Or do they just figure it will be ineffective?

Thank you for any answers you can give me!
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Hi there.  Well, there are various reasons why they place a guideline of 26 including cost and math.  You have already had sex and are sexually active as most at your age are.  So, they don't continue to recommend the vaccine at that point.  They also tested it within those age parameters which then is part of approval for recommendation for the age limits it now has.  That is also drive by cost and risk.  

Here's my thoughts though---  you turn 26 in December.  Start the series of shots now (three shots given in a 6 month time frame).  Your doctor will probably agree to do that and you could still see benefit.  100 percent of cervical cancers are associated with HPV.  It's worth it.  Call and make an appointment today so you've started the series of shots prior to age 26. good luck
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