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Heavy periods. HELP

My junior year of high school, I went to the doctor and got a low-dose birth control pill. A week into it, my periods became super heavy and I had unbearable cramps, which I had never had before. My period lasted a straight two weeks, stopped for a week, and then came again. My mom told me to stop taking the pill, so I did. My doctor said that it would take a month to get out of my system. A month later, my periods were still very frequent and just as painful. This continued for a while, when my mom took me to a different doctor at a Women's Health clinic. My doctor there suggested that I get the depo shot. The day I got the depo shot, my period stopped and didn't come for the time that it was in my system, but it did make my depression and anxiety much worse, thus I decided to not take it a second time. After the three months of depo were over, I got my period again. It wasn't anything intense. I bled a moderate amount and only cramped a little. It lasted a week, then a week later, I got my period again. My periods became worse. Now, a month of being off depo, I've had my period for three weeks, only stopping for a week. I'm bleeding so much that I feel dizzy and my cramps are the worst they've ever been. Please help. I don't know what to do. I have a doctor's appointment scheduled for next week, but I would like some advice before then. I was a vegetarian when I was on the pill, but when my periods became worse, my doctor suggested I start eating meat again. Once I was on the depo, I started eating meat again. There's a lot of factors that play into my situation and I don't know what to do. I'll accept any advice
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Hi there,  it can be so complicated to get the right birth control as you are finding.  I am going to make a suggestion based on your age which is to make sure you express all that is happening to your mom.  Know that any time you begin a different hormone contraceptive, that there is an 'adjustment' phase.  You can have no period, heavy period, light period and/or spotting.  Unless it is truly unbearable, I'd give it a couple of cycles to see what 'normal' begins to look like while communicating with your mom the entire time.  Her input is valuable here and mom's are meant to help us with this kind of thing.  

I think they want you to have iron and hence, the discussion of eating meat.  Otherwise, a meatless diet is fine.  If you don't want to eat meat, you can always talk to your mom/doctor about an iron supplement.  You also get iron from leafy green vegetables such as spinach.  But talk to your mom about the best course of action.  In general, heavy bleeding is a time in which women need some extra iron.  Do you take a good multi vitamin?  That is a good idea at all times as well.  

again, I think the bleeding, not bleeding, etc. has to do with the hormones that you are adding, stopping, etc.  Your body is trying to adjust.  You have to get a consistent pattern going and then will 'normalize'.  good luck
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