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How can I get rid of this vaginal cyst without a doctor?!

I have this quite large cyst on the inner part of the right lip of my vagina. I noticed this about a week ago when it was smaller. Now it has grown bigger and I can't tell if it's getting bigger at the moment. It is VERY painful when I sit down, walk, and lay down. I'm having a REALLY hard time sleeping too. I tried squeezing it, but it hurts too much to even finish squeezing it. I don't have any money or health insurance. Does anyone know how I can get rid of this WITHOUT going to a doctor? PLEASE HELP ME WITH EASY SOLUTIONS.
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I have the same cyst. It hurts alot. I am not sure what to do. Mine has a little red spot on it from touching and rubbing while walking. It is very uncomfortable.
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i was at my doctor today 4 the same thing. the pain is awful mine turned out to be a boil [they can look similar to a cyst] i got antibiotic tablets to scatter it and clear any infection. you need to get it looked at to see if it is a boil or a cyst. and i certainly wudnt be squeezing it you will only irritate it more or even spread it. get it seen to it wont go away itself
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Take warm baths and put epsom salt in it. You can find epsom salt in walgreens also take a neddle and make a hole so u can pop it.
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I tried using desiton and some regular wound disinfectant, it helped to relieve the pain but I'm not sure if it went away
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