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Im only 17?!?!

Okay, i am 17 years old.. healthy, normal sexual life... The center skin, ya know, in my vagina is like, really big... normally this should be inside of the 'lips' i guess... its SO ugly.. and everytime i see it.. i wanna cry. I've seen my friends vaginas and all the skin is inside!! what is wrong with me?! what can i do too fix it? None of my sex partners has ever commented on it, and my doctor didnt say anything either.. but i KNOW it is not normal too look like this?! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe it is called the mons pubis?
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It is completely normal and sexy. If all of your boyfriends thought you had beautiful lips, then why fret at all. It's just a different look.
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Well first of all it is totally normal...everyone is different down there and trust me when I say no one will ever comment on that area. You should not be having sex anyway...high school boys are a waste you should save your self for when you and your partner are more mature. Back to my response...It's actually probably your labia majora or minora the mons pubis is the top area where you grow hair. There are cosmetic procedures that can reduce the size but bc of your age you would need your parents concent or have to wait until you are 18. I understand your concerns but the woman's body is a beautiful thing each and all different and unique. Embrace your beauty BB
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i would talk to your doctor about it one more time and see if he or she can send you to a obgy doctor and see what he or she suggestes about it
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