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Nearly painless canker sore like ulcers on labia majora..need advice!

In the past few days, I have developed several canker sore looking ulcers on my labia majora, in a somewhat pattern as they go straight down and are all seperate. Of course, my first thought is Herpes but besides the ulcers, I have had no other symptoms so I am confused. I did have pretty rough sex about a week ago & was left with vaginal fissures. But all of a sudden, these ulcer started showing up after I shaved. They dont hurt unless I touch them, urinating is fine, I havent had a fever or been naseous or anything else. The ulcers also didnt start out as pimple like things or how early stages of Herpes is described. Theres virtually no strange discharge or puss coming from the sores and frankly, I am just super confused and paranoid about what this all could be. I did have a pretty nasty viral pink eye infection that started about 2 weeks ago and lasted a full week and a half & I was on antibiotics for that. I've been doing endless research on what could be causing the sores and I am keeping my fingers crossed it isn't Herpes. I've read a lot on chancroid, syphilis and some other caused for ulcers in the genital area but nothing seems to really match the symptoms I am having. Its been about 2 days since I noticed them and they seem to be somewhat healing. I plan on getting checked ASAP but just want to know if anyone else has experienced anything like this or just give me some more advice on what it could be. Thanks for any feedback!
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