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Ovulation and UTI

I am currently trying to get pregnant... I’m wondering will a UTI during ovulation stop me from successfully getting pregnant?
On Thursday, I took an ovulation test, and it was positive. Then my ovulation tracker on my app said I was set to ovulate the next day, which was Friday, however I began having uti pain. On Wednesday, my partner and I had unprotected sex. I’m wondering since I have this uti will it keep me from becoming pregnant?
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I agree.  You can still get pregnant.  The sperm and egg are in a whole separate area than the urinary tract.  However, if you have a UTI, this is something to get treated.  A UTI requires antibiotics.  So, if you still have symptoms of that, I would see your doctor and tell them you are trying to get pregnant.  Unfortunately, to check for UtI's, they often have do a urine sample.  Then they can look for bacteria. But they are pretty distinctive in their symptoms so 'maybe' they will treat on the assumption you do if you are sure.  Anyway, good luck with getting pregnant!!  Let us know how it goes!
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No, a UTI will not prevent pregnancy.
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