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PMS and Breast pain

A little history about myself.  I am 20 years old, I have had problems with my ovariers and irregularities since I was 13.  I've had cysts in the past and have been on several different types of Birth Control since.  Well up until July of 2010 I was on Depo, my GYNO suspected that I might have endomitriosis, so she terminated the Depo and put me back on the pill. After two months on the pill, I was no having it!  I felt like complete crap ALL the time, had such terrible cramps that it literally made me sick, so I stopped the pill, in anticipation to go back to my gyno.  
In the mean time my bf and myself closed on a house, and we got busy and lost track of time.  Here it was now the beginning of January, and I had not gotten my period since I terminated the birth control.  YIPES!  I took a test right away... came back neg.  Waited a week and took another one, neg.  Well I had a day where there was some LIGHT spotting(which isn't my "normal").  And now for the past week my breast have been SUPER sore to the touch.  To the point where putting on a bra is a big task.  Today my bf jokingly went to pinch me and I just about feel to my pains, and tears just started rolling down my face, I have no control over it.  He felt horrible, because he didn't know I was in pain.

I've NEVER had breast pain before.  And I don't think they are growing pains either, I am already well past grown in that department, and would actually donate if it were an option.  

I just don't know what to do.  I am in a hard situation, where I can't get to the doctor for at least another month, due to finances.  Any help would be great.  
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Considering your history of irregularities and recently stopping the bc it's really hard to tell. It could be a combonation of the two, and pregnancy could still be a possibilty. It really takes some time for your body to regulate after getting off BC so right now your hormones are trying to level out so they could be the cause. I've heard taking warm showers letting the water trickle on the breast can help alleviate the pain, and stay hydrated maybe take some meds too. Other than that I would suggest seeing your doctor if it persists. Good Luck BB
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