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Pregnant or just overthinking?

Me and my boyfriend did not have intercourse AT ALL. I am still a virgin, I want to wait until we are both mentally ready for it and we are both student athletes with super busy schedules.

Anyways, on Sunday things got hot and heavy. He put his fingers inside of me and did his thing. After I dry humped him, keep in mind we both had our underwear on. Then, he put his fingers back and I gave him a ha** jo*
in which he came obviously. He said he came mostly on himself and I only got a little bit on my inner thigh but I had my underwear on still. After, we went directly to the BR to fix ourselves up and I noticed I was bleeding. At first I thought maybe he broke me but I realized it was the day my period was supposed to come, and the whole week before I had PMS symptoms like nausea, cramps, back pain, headaches etc. It is now Wed, the 11th of November and I am having light bleeding usually how I get towards the end of my period. So he did not break me because it would have been bleeding for a little bit not four days of bleeding. Right?

Once I left, I was so nervous that maybe he dripped a little inside of me and I could get pregnant but everyone said no. I wanted to take a Emergency Contraceptive but all my friends told me there is no reason to because
1) We did not have intercourse and he did not go inside me or ejaculate inside of me
2) We had our underwear on
3) Right after we finished, my period began

Are they right or am I overthinking the whole "could possibly be pregnant because of this" thing. Please ease my nerves and anxiety! The more answers the more helpful. Thank you :-)
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Your not pregnant.  Be careful with his finger inside you.  Be really clean.  Your fine.  No worries
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