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Severe diarrhea ?

Ok so the other day I went to my friends and was helping her clean I remember walking outside and just all of a sudden had like stomache cramps, it took a short walk to realize it wasn't cramps I needed to get to a bathroom and quick. Now last night I was freezing and shivering all night, I woke up mid night with a splitting! headache! Started shaking REALLY bad I figured it was cause I was cold. I was also dizzylike/lightheaded/ disoriented.  Anyway I woke up two more times still with a headache so bad It had started to make me gag, like a had to puke but nothing was coming up. So around 8 when I finally got up I had diarrhea, and since then its been nothing but water. I'm not really cramping nothing hurts, Why is it doing this? I still have a headache too and i've taken tylenol all day. Feels like someones got a hammer and their just beating my head from the inside. I'm dieing over here! I got two babies under 2 and this headache isn't helping my case. I guess i'll also say I've been TIRED! All day. What can I do? I can only drink so much, i'm just not thirsty.
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It sounds like you might have a case of food poisoning, maybe. Some people get headaches when they have food poisoning. Some people get diarrhea. Some people have diarrhea and throw up. I don't know where you
live. In Canada, for example, they have a service called Telehealth where
you can speak to a nurse over the phone and talk about what you're experiencing. If you live in the US, they might have a similiar service.
It sounds to me like you ate some food which made you sick. You say you have two babies under the age of 2 so it might be difficult for you to be seen by a doctor. Anyway, your mention of a headache and sudden stomach cramps make you think you're suffering from food poison. It's best though to talk to someone in the medical profession if possible.
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You have the flu,and when youre finally feeling ok, your kids will come down with the same thing.Don't ya love motherhood?
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Someone else asked me if it was something I ate. I don't remeber eating anything though. I live in Oklahoma btw. I got another weird question could it have anything to do with the fact I have yet to get my period. I had my newest baby Jan. 27th I think I bled for like 4 weeks but since then I haven't had another period. I keep like spotting sorta just when I think I got it, its gone.
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I'm only reading your post from March 26th today. Usually, I get some kind of message from Medhealth saying I got a return response. Not this time
though. I hope you're feeling better since you posted your initial comments.
Maybe since you only had your newest baby on Jan. 27th, perhaps its time
for another doctor visit to your family doctor in my humble opinion. To be
honest, it's a little hard for me to comment on what you're experiencing
as I've never been pregnant or had a child. It seems to me, though, that
bleeding for 4 weeks after having the baby seems like a long time.
You said, as of yet you haven't had your period. That's why I think it may
be time to visit your family doctor or your gynecologist , if you have one.
If this was happening to me, I'd want to ask some questions to my own
medical doctor for peace of mind. Good luck, hobojo. Congratulations on
the birth of your latest child on Jan. 27th of this year. It's very important
though that you take care of yourself as well as your family.
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Thanks. The bleedings normal I think with my first I bled 5 almost 6 weeks. Didn't know it then but someone had told me you make up for the 9 months you dont have a period. I just thought I should have had my period by now. Still ain't got it waiting though.
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