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There's a Lump Inside my Vagina and I'm Feeling Discomfort?

This is going to be a little too detailed because I've yet to find someone with the same problem as me on the internet.

A couple days ago, I started feeling symptoms of a yeast infection or a UTI, where there's that discomfort to peeing. I tried treating it as one, so some apple cider vinegar and yogurt, usually the things that help me overcome those uncomfortable symptoms.

The only time it's subdued a little is when I'm sitting. Working yesterday was so difficult as walking around causes this sensation of needing to urinate. Along with that throbbing situation, there's an intense itch? Or feeling of itch inside my vagina. There is no discolored discharge.

Well, the "remedies" worked for about a day as I woke up two days ago in a lot of discomfort, which sitting in a apple cider vinegar hot bath didn't help whatsoever, as it was before. Then, I stuck my fingers down there about an inch or so and felt some sort of lump. I don't remember it being there, but it doesn't cause too much pain while touching it. It's attached to the top lining of my vagina, and can be moved back and forth if I press into it. It's spherical. There's a hole underneath the lump that I can stick my fingers in, and go further into my vagina. That's why I know it's not my cervix, I think? If you pass this lump with the finger, the lining becomes ridged and the top then feels like the flesh of a gspot, so I don't think this small lump can be a gspot. This lump is not included in any female anatomy diagrams, but neither found when searching images on google.

And the discomfort is telling me that it may not be normal. When I'm in true discomfort (the worst is in the morning, I usually can't sleep due to it) I can feel my vagina throb, as if I'm being stimulated down there but as if too much, and doesn't cause pleasure anymore.

Also, this was after a rough session in the bath, where I was sticking something up there while in the water. I had never done something like that before, so I may have caused irritation while doing that.

Creams that help with itch such as Vagasil doesn't provide immediate relief and there's still an uncomfortable peeing sensation and throb to it.

I don't have insurance, I've been waiting a week to hear back from the company and still nothing. And even then, I won't have insurance until the beginning of Feburary. I know I should get it checked, but I don't have several hundred dollars just lying around to go get checked. Nor do I really know where to go and which exam to ask for. I'm terrified, please help! Thanks.
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Also, I am still a virgin and not sexually active besides masturbating with myself.
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