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Unwanted hair thats now ingrown!

ok, so heres the thing... i have hair everywhere!!! and not the thin hardly noticeable blonde hair either!!! its more like thick black stubble!!! i have it on my legs, private areas, stomach, chin, upper lip, chest etc... shaving only makes it worse and is only soft for maybe2 hours if im lucky... epilating, waxing and plucking causing ingrown hairs so i get those big nasty red infected bumps everywhere! its a living nightmare. i cant go swimming,wear shorts or skirts, show my belly, its even at the stage where i want to run and hide the second the word sex comes up.... seriously on the verge of going mental... i went to the doc and she didnt even look at it... told me after tests that i had pco syndrom and that the hair was a side effect ... just brushed it off like it wasnt a big deal but it really really is! ive tried ingrown hair cremes and sprays... i exfoliate every day to the point of where my skin hurts but it does nothing so instead i have to use a needle to break the skin and pull the hair out. leaving big red cuts so im not better off... not to mention the rashes and constant irritation!

please help! any suggestions are appreciated!
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you could look into lazer hair removal...it can be a little pricey but if its bothering you that much you can go in for a few treatments and it will stop growing back so you wont have to worry about in grown hairs or shaving for that matter....i guess its all in the long run perspective as well...because i hate to say it, it's not cheap..but i think it would be good to look into...its always an option  
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im a beauty therapist DONT TRY TO DO ANYTHING WITH IT truuust me
get a good lofa and every time u shower use with an exfoliant every 2nd day it will help the ingrowns grow properly and also moisturise as soon as u get out of the shower

makes the skin softer and easier for the hairs to push through
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i do that every day have been now since before xmas... but it still seems the same as it was back then...  thank you thou :)
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im going throuh the same thing you are. i havent been diagnosed with pcos but i have a feeling that i have it. the only thing that has at least somewhat helped(not enough to wear shorts/skirts but enough for my sanity) is to get a self tanner that is oil-free. it will hide the dark hair mostly and also to moisturize like there is no tomorrow. It helps so i dont get ingrown hairs. For your dark hair on your face or stomach...i either bleach or use nair (thats for your face only) and it works for a while. i hope this helps. :)
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I totally know how you feel. I have a LOT of really dark hair around my bikini line, stomach and thigh area. Its so bad that when I've gone to get waxed, the woman waxing me was shocked! (talk about embarrassing!!). Its also impossible to shave. It hurts and  I get the worst ingrown hairs.  It  makes me so self conscious that, like you, I can't wear shorts or bikinis. I'm saving up for laser hair removal but it's going to take me about a year to get to that point. It's so expensive! Hopefully though, it will be worth it.
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When I read your post, I thought I was reading about MYSELF!  :)  it's comforting to know there are others out there like me!  
I have the same problem you do...  and I have no one to talk to because no one in my family has hair... I mean NO HAIR... my mom does not have a single hair on her body... She doesnt understand why I want laser hair treatment or why i wont wear a swim suit anymore  :(
Since I have light skin and dark hair, shaving doesnt help.  I can still see the black hair under my skin, PLUS it is only smooth for a couple hours (like you mentioned).  Also, it causes me to get razor burn and ingrown hairs (I've tried every product and razor out there, doesnt help).   I have started plucking and waxing, but things have just gotten worse;  now my crotch and stomach are scarred and scabbed beyond belief...  and the hair is growing in as thick and fast as ever PLUS tons of ingrown hairs....
Laser treatment is extremely expensive, and I would need my whole body done... and the way my hairs are, I would need many treatments before the hair stopped coming back.
I spend hours every day plucking my hairs out and applying creams... and I have tried every product out there, probably wasting over 200$....
At least I feel a little better knowing there are others like me  :)  thank you for the post!
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