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Vaginal Infection?

Hello. I recently visited the gyno for the first time because I have been experiencing a white/clear (sometimes yellow) discharge w/an odor and itchyness for a long time. I am sexually active with my boyfriend and he hasn't experienced an symptoms. The doctor prescribed me metronidazole and told me to switch soaps (i switched to ivory). I started to feel better after I finished my medicine. Then I got my period, and during my period I started taking antibiotics because I had a sore throat (how nice right? lol) After my period, my symptoms came back. I was wondering if anyone knew if taking the antibiotics could have caused my infection to come back?

I am worried because I am starting to wonder if the infection is something more serious. I forgot to mention to my doctor that I have a mild pain in my lower left abdomin (usually 2 weeks before my period, when my discharge is heavy). Also, sometimes I experience burning during intercourse. I've been researching online what my infection could be, and some of my symptoms seem similar to trichomoniasis or PID, but wouldn't the doctor have been able to detect that from my exam? I plan on going back for another exam next month but I am worried for the time being, because I've read that some of these things can cause infertility if left untreated. Please help! Thank you.
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All i can say is keep going bk!! i didnt have the discharge but i did have severe i mean sever itchiness for over 6months and a huge red streak on my left side down there and it would not stop!! and i kept insisting they keep chking finally i got a script for diflucan for yeast infection and it stopped! thank goodness!! but keep being persistant especially if you dont feel better!! the right side of my abdomen was swollen and tender b4 too and it was herpes which is bad but at least i got treatment so just keep being demanding!!
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