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White vaginal bumps

I was looking at my vagina in the mirror and I noticed that inside on one side there were 3 small white bumps in a line. At times I am a little irritated at that area. What could those bumps be and what can I do to get rid of them or treat them?
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So a friend of mine had the same thing a couple months ago.  She was really worried and went to the doctor.  Its called HPV-Human papaloma virus.  Her doctor said that about 70% of people in Maine have it, 90 in CAlifornia.  I'm not saying this is what it is, but i do recomend going to the doctor about it.
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I went to the doctor about 1-1 1/2 ago and they did a pap mear and they did not find anything wrong, said everything was ok. I just noticed the bumps about 2/3 weeks ago.
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I noticed those before. I was told nothing was wrong, but I was diagnosed once but I let 3 other professionals have a look and they said it was nothing. They tested but nothing showed. The female body is something else
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if you were just at the dr. and nothing was discovered i would assume you are fine. sometimes when you really scrutinize things down there, you tend to notice every tiny little thing and worry. although it is a very good idea to inspect yourself every now and then so you know your body and the changes it makes.

we do have those whitish bumps that almost look like chicken skin. i am laughing now because how attractive would that be to a young person who is unsure or a guy reading this!!!
seriously, if you are that worried, call your dr. and say, i know i was just in on such and such a date. i noticed some bumps and i am a bit worried. they will look at your chart, read the notes and most likely be able to tell you what he/she thinks they are over the phone OR have you come in if its that much of a concern. i think its great you care about your body the way you do. you only have one, take care of it.
oh, by the way, i was a bit surprised about those stats concerning maine and calif.??? sounds strange to me but what do i know?
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I have also had these bumps, I just had sex about a week ago, and that is not who I am I dont go around having sex, but I believe I have had white bumps for awhile, but I guess now that I see that I had sex I guess they were more noticeable. It worries me because it was a mistake on my part and my parents definatly would not approve and I dont approve, (sorry rambling, worried can you tell?) I just dont want anything to be wrong with me, one big bump just recently appeared today, and I just randomly bled just once. But I think that has happened to me before, I just want someone to tell me what is going on!!

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I also have those white bumps. I had sex with my boyfriend one time, and then we broke up. Now I am worried because everyone says that he is very dirty with diseases. None of my friends know that I had sex with him, and I can't tell them that I did or they will assume that I am also dirty. But I really need somewhere to go to get tested. I don't know if they bumps are from him or not. We had sex once, and I didn't noticed the bumps until about a month after we broke up. I don't know what to do.
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The white bumps, if they look like little spots, are nothing more than fatty deposits which are perfectly normal for men and women. They're not anything to be concerned about and they usually increase as you go thru teen years so they're all over inside. No not very pleasant, but noone really mentions it so every teenager is shocked and horrified when they discover them! But really...nothing to worry about! :)
Best place to get tested is any GUM (genito-urinary medicine) clinic...or the American equivalent.
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when i was 7 months pregnant I saw 2 white bumps kinda inside my vagina. I went to my doc. and he said it kinda looks like genital warts but he didn`t know.Ive been with the same person for almost a year and never had anything before cause I got tested so im worried and dont know what it is and now im 9 months pregnant and worried if it can bother the baby.
I am five months pregnant I went to the doctor and said I had 2 bumps on my vagina one on the inside and one on the outside they said the same thing to me but I did some research and there's the site that I went to about white bumps on the vaginal area and some other things that it could have been and one thing that it most likely is,
it's usually due to excess sweating hormonal fluctuations which is what I believe it is they said that's common in pregnant women I don't know I get a second opinion cuz that's what I'm going to do I do wish you the best
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I am kind of getting mixed messages here. I had the HPV Cervical Cancer shot, and Im kind of lookin at genital warts or whatever. See I noticed like 4 small white bumps around my vagina.
I don't know if this is cause I shave down there?
Yet when I have sex with a guy we always use a condom.

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so i have discovered 4 or 5 white bumps on the inside of my vagina. They don't itch or hurt at all but I'm not sure how long they have been there.

They are kinda scattered around, but nobody that I have been with has said anything about white bumps on them and i usually use condoms....

Do you think this is anything to worry about??

I'm freaking out....
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so i just got back from the crotch doctor and she said that everything looks good down there...so my white bumps were nothing so maybe thats a little bit of hope for you....
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hey girls i have always had MANY white bumps in a line down the innerside of my vaginal lips......even before i was sexually active. Doc said it was fine. If you'r worried about this then definitely go see a doc. Makes you feel better to hear it from a professional.
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I have white bumps also on my lower vagina.. and im going to the doc. today to have them take a look let me tell you all i'v been freaking out!!  I'v been with one guy my whole 19 years so i dont think it could be a STD or n e thing but i guess u never know. so im going to get it looked at and ill let you all know as soon as i get back!!  THanks and keep your hear high! <3
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Hey guys, so about a month ago i noticed a white bump on my vagina, now that i took a good look at it last night..it seems like there is a few more. They don't itch or hurt at alll but im like freaking out, crying to my boy friend, hes the only one ive ever had sex with and he gets regularly tested for STD..What  do I do what do you think it is....I need to get answers...Thanks guys
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ok so i have 2 white bumps like just almost near the starting of the crack of my inner vagina its not on the pinkesh part just like on top...i recently just got a brazillian and had sex with my boyfriend whom is the only one i have ever had sex with. We used a different type of condom this time it was called warm sensation the trojan orange pack...anyway we only did it once..but i have two white bumps and they look like normal white heads that come on ones face or something...and i DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO IM FFREAKING OUT ITS THE WEEKEND AND IM SURE THE DR OFFICE IS NOT OPEN BUTTT PLEASE SOMEONE RESPOND OT ME! AT ONCEEEE!!! PLEASE! IM LIKE BAWLING!
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hey i noticed these too the other day! but its only one medium size whiteish pinkish lump! it's somewhere in the middle of everything! i'm freaking out so baad i have no idea what to doo has someone had just one not-so-small lump inside there!??!? can it be some kind of infection??! cancer?:|?!?! or whaat pleaase heeelp!
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okay so about a month ago after having sex with my boyfriend i discovored a bump right behind the hole of the vagina. it had no color, it didnt hurt so i just figured it was a scab from havin too much sex. but after that i just kept getting more and more.they moved up the right side into my lips and now are on the left side.and theres one big one right on the hole. they are white now and i have no idea what they are. my boyfriend doesnt have these so i need help to figure out what they are and how to get rid of them.
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i have recently discovered a single white bump on the lip of my vagina and its very discomforting. I have never had sex, or performed oral. But my boyfriend has performed oral on me.
what could this bump be?
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I had sex with a guy who has had many many partners.. About a week later A pimple like bump showed up on the skin by my vagina. It started itching alot at first and it was Red. Now it has like a white top on it and it is extremely painful. It is only one bump so I dont think it is an STD.. But if anybody could help me out please let me know! Im kind of scared
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It sounds like I had the same exact pimple like bump that you have/had i went to the doc cuz i was freaked out; the doc sent tissue to lab and it came back negative of anything. (i have been w/my husband for 15yrs) anyway it was nothing the doc said 99% of people have a type of herpy and dont even know it sometimes you will have the virus but nothing could even show up for 10years. Its really annoying but nothing to be worried about. I have noticed it comes and goes around my menstral cycle. Im 35 so im thinking im just getting older and starting to notice different things going on with my body. If it seems to get worse i would see the doc. but i've only had it a couple of times and since the doc said it was nothing im not too worried about it. Try not to be to worried but if it doesnt go away seeing the doc allways makes you feel better. Good Luck
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I'm not sexually active and I never have been, but I've noticed a LOT of white bumps around my vagina. Not inside or around the pink part, just on the outsides. They itch sometimes, and I don't know what to do. Any help?
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Sounds like everyone here could use a rundown of hpv and herpes-

First of all, while condoms can CERTAINLY help to decrease your chances of contracting hpv or hsv (herpes), these stds are both viruses in the skin. The problem is that condoms do not cover all of the skin, so skin to skin contact still occurs even with proper use of a condom. A condom will decrease your chance of contracting hpv by 70% during intercourse with someone who has hpv.

Some facts about hpv:
There are two types of hpv- low risk and high risk. Low risk causes genital warts (although many people never do have symptoms) and high risk has the potential to cause cervical cancer but does NOT cause genital warts. In fact,a  woman with high risk hpv has ZERO symptoms. Men are NOT ever tested for hpv. The only way a man will ever know he has contracted hpv is if it is a low risk strain and he experiences genital warts.

Some facts about genital warts:
Genital warts are flesh colored or the same color as the surrounding skin. They do not hurt or itch. They can not be popped because there is nothing inside. While most sites state that they have a cauliflower like shape, this isn't true for all warts or even most warts. They can be any shape. They can be large or small. They can appear lone or in a group. They may be flat or raised or they may appear as skin tags.

Some stats about hpv in general:
It is estimated that by the age of 50, 80% of the population will have an hpv infection.

In closing, hpv has periods of being active and being dormant. An hpv test will only return a positive result for an ACTIVE infection. So if you contracted a strain of hpv which then went dormant, you would test negative for hpv.

Some facts about herpes:
There are two strains. Hsv1 and hsv2. Hsv1 occurs mostly on the mouth but can also occur on the genitals. Hsv2 occurs mostly on the genitals but can also occur on the mouth.

Some stats about herpes:
80% of the population has a herpes infection
70% of these will never experience symptoms
1 in five women have genital herpes
1 in 4 men have genital herpes

Some facts about cold sores/herpes outbreaks:
Hsv causes cold sores on the mouth and likewise outbreaks on the genitals. It's a common misconception that when someone has a cold sore, they have it because they are sick and not because of herpes. Cold sores are caused by herpes. When an individual with herpes has the flu or a cold, their immune system is down so to speak, which causes them to experience a cold sore. This is because the frequency of cold sores are determined by how well the immune system handles the virus.

Herpes lesions are likely to itch and may be painful. Likely herpes lesions will cause a burning sensation while urinating. I have read this is because of the urine coming into contact with an open sore basically. Herpes lesions/outbreaks last 1-2 weeks. They form as sores with fluid/puss inside. The sores will break open, oozing puss. Then the sores will scab over and heal.

FYI: If your boyfriend has a cold sore and performs oral sex on you, you can get genital herpes.  

In closing, std testing does NOT include herpes testing. Free clinics are funded to perform hsv cultures (taken from the sore/lesion) but they are NOT funded to perform hsv blood tests.

Also, it's not irregular to experience pimples "down there." If you do get one and you're worried about it, I assure you it is NOT because of hpv. However, you can always go to your local free clinic and have a culture taken for hsv (herpes).

There is also a condition which is a bartholin cyst. What this is a gland down there which is basically clogged. Some resolve on their own, usually within a day. Others may require medical treatment.

Remember to always practice safe sex:)
Your sexual health is in YOUR hands, don't count on your partner to protect it.
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I got tested about a year ago for  sexually transmitted  diseases, and it came up positive for HPV. I'm at low risk, the last time I checked, but I was worried about these small hard white bumps on my vagina. It started off as one, but now there is five....I am also 6 months pregnant. Is this from HPV, being pregnant, or something else????
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Last night I took a shower and was washing and I felt a ruff spot on the inside lips of the vagina.  I look in the mirror and was shocked.  I saw a bunch of white bumps in a line on the inside lips at the top along the sides and the bottom.  They looked like the moles that people have that hang off the skin but white.  I was amazed I never noticed them before, or maybe it just happened a couple days earlier.  I went to the doctor today and he told me he was almost sure it is HPV and warts, the only reason he didn’t say 100% is because I am 6 ½ months pregnant so he can’t do the actual testing on me right now.  He burned them off even though when I went home and looked in the mirror it looked exactly the same.  I am posting this because last night I looked at this forum and noticed everyone freaking out over the same thing but no one came back and answered what happened to them.
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