okay so over the weekend i got very drunk and had unprotected sex with a guy i barley knew saying so it was very rough sex and i seemed so be very dry during it but after we finished i had some spotting down there and my left vagina lip was very puffy (which was expected) but then the next day jeans walking and peeing hurt my vagina so i looked at it myself and noticed the next day that there a couple little skin colored bumps around my vagina ... what do i do? and what could it be?
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Hi there.  I'd see if they go away.  If not, time to go to the doctor.  But in general, it would be wise to have a full std screening done with drunken sex with a stranger.  That's risky behavior.  Were you using condoms?  That definitely cuts down on the risk.  You'll also need to wait to see if your period shows if you are not on birth control.  good luck
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Definitely get tested. It's worth it. Start carrying condoms when you go out. Don't sleep with anyone else until you know you're clean. This may be nothing (just irritated from roughness) if you're lucky. It's better to just go to a gyno than worry yourself over the possibilities.
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i was not using a condom and okay thank you so much lot of help!
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