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This patient support community is for discussions relating to Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), chronic EBV, and infectious mononucleosis (mono).

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By hornet599
Hi! I am new here, but my symptoms not :( I have been diagnosed with chronic lyme disease almost 2years ago wit...
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By Magsoh19
Hello. I am not aware of this virus at all and no matter how much I search I can't seem to find values for the test r...
3229560 tn?1347041110
good55Apr 21
FlyGirl78Feb 24
mkh9Jan 24
By LivingDead101 Blank
14 months of being extremely ill, Dr finally tested me for everything including HIV, it came back positive only for E...
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ugachuck7Apr 20
By UrbanMP82
Hi Everybody! I was recently diagnosed with mono (33 yo male) and am curious if my symptoms are typical. 1. 3/7...
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kerin123Apr 11
ajfhvfFeb 17
eva5555Oct 20, 2015
kmccracken7Apr 15, 2015
JonesBonesOct 14, 2014
By pvn Blank
Have had chronic EBV for two years. Numbers are consistenlty in 9,000 range! Have heard Infectious Disease Doctors...
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parris6Apr 10
outofboxFeb 24, 2014
outofboxFeb 24, 2014
lvfrogsMay 18, 2009
PlateletGalMay 11, 2009
By jess990 Blank
Okay, I tested positive for EBV in 9/2008: Anti-VCA IgG >5.00 Anti-VCA IgM 1.20 (ref 0-.90) Positive Anti-EBV Nu...
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K2RApr 08
PlateletGalApr 06, 2009
RaeanaApr 06, 2009
ginakApr 05, 2009
Krissy820Apr 04, 2009
By Raeana Blank
I was recently diagnosed with EBV (just got the results back today). I started having problems with my eyes shortly a...
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By AgGal
I know this is EBV forum but many seem to be cross infected. I'm hoping someone can shed light on my contradictory...
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PlateletGalSep 16, 2008
anita_43Sep 16, 2008
PlateletGalSep 06, 2008
By katt29 Blank
I have been suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome for the last 12 years caused by ebv. At the moment i'm on ebv dr...
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MelinFLMar 31
69374Mar 08
9DodgeFanDec 13, 2010
chris440Dec 13, 2010
kauriniDec 11, 2010
By chris440 Blank
Just wondering ive been showing ebv igM and igG antibodies the last 6 months .ive never broken out in a fever im 35 y...
291885 tn?1404896807
Tab510Mar 27
mrsjray87Nov 13, 2015
Peronne2010Apr 11, 2010
Peronne2010Apr 08, 2010
Peronne2010Apr 08, 2010
By chel 81 Blank
I wanted to post this hoping that many people will read it and that it may help someone out there struggling with chr...
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By Libella52
I've recently developed oral thrush. My tongue has three little white patches and is slightly sore. I have a very bit...
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Jjewelz1987Nov 18, 2015
By Nevirose
Hey there. I'm so happy to find this forum. I am a 22 year old woman. I was diagnosed with EBV last year. My doctor t...
Avatar f tn
By Dalegirl31
Hi. Has anyone experienced swollen lymph nodes (in neck and groin) with their EBV? I've had EBV for 6 months now an...
358304 tn?1409713092
cnoteMar 14
cnoteMar 11
By cnote
I don't even know where to begin... I'll try to keep this as short as possible. I'm 32 male. Have suffered from anxie...
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TracyBakMar 07
taylorpistoneNov 15, 2015
livn_learnnAug 08, 2015
9DodgeFanJul 18, 2011
pitterpat69Jul 18, 2011
By CallyBee Blank
Hi there I am a 32 year old female dealing with chronic mononucleosis symptoms. I contracted a pretty extreme and de...
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mkh9Dec 17, 2015
mkh9Dec 17, 2015
By completellyanxious Blank
Two weeks ago I was tested for several things due to the following symptoms: fatigue and generalized lymphadenopathy ...
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TracyBakMar 04
mario62Nov 02, 2009
Victoria10Nov 02, 2009
By mario62 Blank
MARIBAVIR has proved very effective and nontoxic treating Epstein-Barr Infectious Mononucleosis. Medical papers on th...
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Hello, In the last several months I have been tested for multiple things because I have some mystery autoimmune is...
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By brokendictionary
Hi, all! My doctor used antibody tests to confirm that I have chronic reactivated EBV, which explains why I've been t...
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