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Is it Dangerous to quit OxyCodone Cold Turkey?
I have been using OxyCodone for about a yr now. I started out snorting a quarter a day. Now after a yr I'm still snorting them in quarters and halves sometimes but I'm doing it several times a day. Some days I have only 60mg but others I have as much as 120 mg. I quit cold turkey yesterday. Today I feel like am gonna die. Now I feel like this might have been a really aggressive way to stop. How can I make this easier before I just give up
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You should do this with some kind of medical assistance. The danger levels is a combination of factors, you age , health heart rate and blood pressure through withdrawal and etc..If you feel that is too much for you , walk into an emergency room. That is the reason we do it in under 24/7 supervision at our hospital, so we can make this easier and safer.
Make sure you are properly hydrated and remember if you feel is beyond what your body can handle , emergency room should help you.
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