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i need a lil advise or reasons why whats happening please and thank you...
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i need a lil advise or reasons why whats happening please and thank you

hi im Melisa im 16 years old and i smoke weed everyday with one of my friends or friends and sometimes on my own i've been smoking this substance since I was 14 I am curious of what would happen if I was to continue smoking skunk i smoke thai as well is thai harmless?

Anyway I've noticed some changes in me BIG changes I've stopped functioning how I used to I mean like I don't speak much half of the day i'm not speaking or doing anything i hate doing the dishes I havn't done washing up in 2 years my friends and family think i'm really really lazy my motivation levels have hit rock bottom my social state is so bad I find it substantially hard to make a simple conversation with somebody my sleep is horrendous I sleep after 2-3days of staying up night and day sometimes I lack hygiene I break out in anger for no reason and have major attitude but I don't mean to be like that really its just sillyness when it happens I do self harm but this is only between me and you guys. And yeah I feel sometimes I need to die and there are days when im so scared to die that confuses me and then  
my friends said everytime I talk i switch subject really quick and most of the time I find it REALLY REALLY hard to cry or laugh and theres moments when i'm about to cry out of the bloo and I laugh at really weird things and just laugh just like that with no connections. Lets just say in all I really can't look after my self and i've only just realized these things and as far as I know ever since I was a little little girl all I wanted to do is hurt myself which is weird i've always caused harm to myself but really don't know why so if you guys could help me out for why this is that would be really swell ;)
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Melisa, Let me talk to you not only as a doctor but as parent, OK? Fourteen year old girls don't smoke pot because everything is rosy in their lives. Something is troubling you. You may be depressed, something has happened in you life to upset you, you lost someone you cared about, or someone has done something that broke your trust in them. I don't know what and I am not going to go on guessing but if you had a warm, caring environment at home and someone you could turn to with you concerns, you would not be sitting with  "friends" smoking weed. That is what we in medical community call "self-medicating".
Instead of solving your issues, you blow them away in a puff of smoke, but you also blow away your chances of proper brain development, education success, social and emotional growth and so on....
I am sure that you have been told by your "friends" that weed is good for you, medicinal, and is practically harmless. And from a medical standpoint, there are many therapeutic uses for cannabis. However, you brain has not been fully grown and developed and you are not using it for cancer pain or glaucoma, are you? Any psycho-active substance will affect a growing and developing brain such as yours. In fact in recent studies, cannabis user were more likely to develop psychosis later in life then people who never used. The risk is still low, but why take chances?
Thankfully now, at sixteen, some part of you realized  that what you are doing is wrong. That means that you are maturing and I am very impressed. You have actually looked at yourself almost from outside and said:"Whoa, I better stop!" You realized that you are not taking good care of yourself and that you need  to do something about it. That is tremendous.
What you need to do is find an adult to talk to: mom? dad? aunt? school counselor? someone you can trust.  You need to see a therapist to figure out what is behind your pain and stop smoking weed. It is not physically addictive, so there is no withdrawal. Just stop.  Drop those "friends" of yours. Finds those who don't know what weed looks like and do NOT enlighten them! :)  Join a book club, a church group, a school band, something that is clean and fun and that interests you and has no drugs involved. Do your homework. Get busy, prepare for college, volunteer in a nursing home, feed those little old ladies and talk to them. Make yourself so busy, you do not have time to hang out and smoke. Do something for other and you will see that YOU WILL TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOURSELF. Good luck and let me know how you are doing.
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