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My mom's an alcoholic, and shes depressed & cutting herself......
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My mom's an alcoholic, and shes depressed & cutting herself...

My mother is 51 years old, (im 27) and most of my life shes had a drinking problem. Recently though its getting worse, to the point now shes cutting herself while shes drunk. She detoxed a few weeks ago, and was cutting herself during that time too, but she was going to counceling so me and my sister thought she was gonna get better. Well now shes outta control and to the point were she is calling people at 4am asking them to tell her somthing happy so she won't cut herself, but she ends up doing it anyways. I don't know what to do, she doesn't listen to me or my younger sister who lives with her, and my step dad doesn't seem to give a crap. I am thinking of trying to admit her into a rehab place, but don't know about the laws and such about admitting an adult against their will, plus money is an issue too. I guess this isn't really a question, just need to get it off my chest..But does anyone have any adivce about how to deal with a depressed alcoholic, who is cutting themselves for attention??? i could really use some help at how to deal with this...
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Hello. I found some info for Calhoun and Wayne counties online, but I believe the actual laws are mandated by the state. Basically, If an individual is considered to be a threat to themselves or others, they are screened to determine what kind of help they need, then may be sent to a psychiatric facility for further evaluation, for a period of 24 to 72 hours. Once evaluated, the patient may be kept for additional time to provide them with adequate treatment. Your best bet is to contact your local sheriff's department or other law enforcement agency, describe your situation, and see what your options are. I know in NC it only takes a trip to the courthouse by a family member to fill out some paperwork and the individual is placed into protective custody to get them to an appropriate facility for evaluation. From there, the law requires that the person be examined by a psychiatrist to determine the appropriate course of action including commitment exceeding 72 hours. If you can obtain consent from her for her doctors or therapists to communicate with you regarding her condition, you will probably be able to give them more detailed information, as well as receiving info from them about your moms diagnosis and recommended treatment. I hope this is helpful, and please let me know If I can be of further assistance. Take care, GM
You mentioned that Your mother is doing this for attention. I know it will sound rather cruel but if she is not serious about it is there Any chance You could ignore her calls and not answer them as much.
How old is Your sister?
If she is still living at home this could also be effecting her life greatly.  
Maybe you should try the approach of talking to Your mum and telling her that You and Your sister are going away for a break
hi im 20 years of age and also have an alcoholic mother.all my life she has been seriously depressed and drinking,and attempted suicide a few times too.she gets violent,upset,harsh and verry sad.i learned to live with it but i know she needs tears me up to see her this way because she can be so nice and only drinks to forget.if only she were willing to be helped.i love her so much however her drinking tore us apart.alcoholism has already ruined so much,try not to let it take over your life too.your mother is fully capable of getting help,however theres obviously a reason why she drinks so u should try help her with those.i understand completely how you feel and find it heartbreaking that it is us responsible for taking care of our parents because of that cruel addiction.
My husband also cuts. Most of the time, cutting is not for attention. It is another way to self medicate and release emotions that are too intense to handle. It is often closely associated with bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. Substance abuse, such as alcohol, is also related to both disorder. My husband has had substance abuse problems with alcohol, cough syrup, huffing, and weed. I'm sure there has been more.

He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He has been cutting since the age of 10. He was also physically and sexually abused. There is a good chance if your mother is cutting, she may have a psychiatric disorder.

My husband was severely depressed and began cutting. I knew his current meds needed to be changed. At that point, he was refusing treatment. I picked up the phone and called 911. He was taken to a treatment facility and stayed until his meds were adjusted.

That was a year ago. He has done great ever since. The hospital also set him up with an outpatient program. He has no hard feelings towards me for forcing him to get help.

It's worth a try. At least your mom will be able to be evaluated and possibly diagnosed. If she can get on the right meds it would change her life and yours.
ETOH stole so much from me. I too will never allow that demon to touch my body again. I really never tallied just how much beer wine and liquor rang up.
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