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Missing nipple?
Hi, I'm a male, this question may sound strange but any info would be appreciated.

I was with a woman who was missing one of her nipples, I no longer can contact her but am wondering if I am correct to assume this missing nipple meant she had breast cancer in the past? Or maybe even can I be SURE she had breast cancer because she was missing one of her nipples?

If not, why else would a woman have to have a nipple removed?

sorry for my ignorance on the subject.

Thanks much,
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Dear Timbo:  It is common, when a woman has a mastectomy for the nipple to be removed.  The most common reason for mastectomy is breast cancer.  Reconstruction will restore the shape of the breast but the nipple is usually tattooed on later, if desired.  There may be other reasons for an absent nipple but we cannot speculate on this.
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