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Montgomery's Gland lump and galactorrhea
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Montgomery's Gland lump and galactorrhea

I have been taking Sertraline (Zoloft)  for several months now for anxiety and they have really been helping so I don't really want to come off them. However, for the last few weeks I have noticed small white patches on my nipple. Last week I had the idea that it might be dried milk so I tried squeezing my breasts and sure enough a few spots of clear and milky fluid came out. I looked through the side-effects of my Sertraline and found abnormal lactation listed so I know this is probably the cause but I would also like to know if I have to come off the medication for this symptom to subside or will it go on it's own after a while?
   About the same time I started noticing changes in my nipples one of my Montgomery's Glands started getting larger and producing a semi-solid discharge when squeezed. In the last few weeks it has become rather large (like a pea cut in half) and it aches. It is painful when played with and will not drain easily. I'd rather not go to see a doctor because I know it's not cancer and I don't need the added stress of going there. I would like to know how to deal with it and if there are any over-the-counter meds I can use to get rid of it.
   I am 19 and not sexually-active.

Thankyou in advance for any advice.
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Dear Lisa2003,  Many women have some type of nipple discharge or fluid when their breasts are squeezed, and its normal. Squeezing the nipple sends message to the brain and the pituitary gland responds by increasing prolactin levels, which in turn produces discharge from the nipple.  The discharge can come in a variety of colors - gray, green and brown as well as white.  Some women are more prone to more discharge including women on; birth control pills, certain blood pressure medications or on major tranquilizers.  These medications increase prolactin levels in the body.   There is also certain life periods when a person is more likely to get discharge than others: there may be more discharge at puberty and at menopause than the years in-between. The time to worry about nipple discharge is when it’s spontaneous (comes out by itself without squeezing), keeps on happening, and is only on one side.  If it is clear and sticky, like an egg white, or bloody.

What you may be describing is a sebaceous gland.  These glands found all over the body including the nipple area.  Sebaceous glands can secrete a white, oily cheesy substance.  Sebaceous glands are involved in several types of skin problems such as acne.  A blocked sebaceous gland can result in a sebaceous cyst.  Over the internet without being able to evaluate, ask questions, and examine we cannot recommend treatments.  It is best that you have it checked by your doctor who can advise you based on assessment including physical examination.

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