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Spirometry test results very confusing?
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Spirometry test results very confusing?

Can someone help me interpret my spirometry test? The doctor said it's asthma, but the results are inconsistent. I should note I'm a female, 23 years, mixed ethnic origin (mostly Portuguese, a bit Arab, Native Brazilian, Jewish and Black, 101 pounds, 5'4'', non-smoker, sedentary. I suspect I have GERD, which might be causing some inflammation in my airways... perhaps!
This is the results:

FVC - 3.04 - 81% pred.
FEV1 - 2.58 - 79% pred.
FEV1/FVC - 84% pred.
PEF - 4.94
FEF 25-75  - 2.72 - 62% pred.
FEF 50 - 2.96
FEF 25-75/FVC - 89% - 75% pred.

And after the bronchodilactor there were significant change in some values, but not the over 12% of increase in FEV1 necessary for the diagnosis of ashtma.

After BD:

FVC - 3.32 - 89% pred.
FEV1 - 2.77 - 85% pred.
FEV1/FVC - 93% pred.
PEF - 6.34
FEF 25-75  - 3.05 - 70% pred.
FEF 50 - 4.29

Can anyone enlighten me? Should I get a second opinion?.
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I've forgotten to mention I suffer from severe anxiety, and as usual I was anxious at the time of the test.
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