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Complex Partial Seizures & PTSD or Dissociative Identity Disorder?
It's been over a year since our violent fight. We were both drunk and completely not understanding one another. I guess I hit him in the head which I can not recall till this day.

He was in a serious car accident 4 years ago where a drunk driver hit him and his friends - the result is a titanium plate in his forehead and cheek - he has no recollection of the car accident because he was sleeping. Thus he has no PTSD related to the car accident.

Well, now after a year later, he has been having flashbacks and nightmares. They intensify the days he sees me.    
We could be the happiest couple in the world - and he can't sleep at night.

We can't even have a tiny tiff or he gets super upset and cranky or, then after yelling - he seizes. If we're both sad and I cry - he seizes. If we're intimate - he seizes.

When I mean seizes, he gets this blank stare and becomes incoherent.  I try to wake him up like he's fainted. When he comes back, he can not recall our arguments and complains his head hurts.

I know I sound like a criminal or a villain, but I am a victim of domestic abuse for many many years before I met my boyfriend. I think it was an impulse that I hit him with the years of physical abuse I faced myself. That isn't an excuse for my action, but within 1 minute (unbeknownst to me) I screwed up my entire existence.

I wish someone could tell me how to make him better - I love him more than anything - he was my best friend in the entire world before we started seeing each other - and now he is the love of my life.

Now he's getting EMDR therapy - it doesn't seem to be working.

I've read where PTSD can mimic DID and where Complex Partial Seizures can mimic DID?

Reasons for suspecting DID:
- When we fight - he becomes someone else, then after he passes out - he becomes himself again.
- When he's sleeping and talks to me - he won't acknowledge my name, talks about me in 3rd person, and will talk to me like he's in counseling if I give him a pseudoname.
- Nightmares and Flashbacks can be tied in to DID.
- EMDR doesn't work proving that DID could be the reason why.

Reasons for suspecting Complex Partial Seizures:
- He blanks out - staring into space - for 1-3 minutes
- He will make repetitive motions
- He will repeat a phrase over and over again
- He has called me, texted me, lit a cigarette, walked, has had sex, pointed at me, tried to ram his forehead into mine - all while in sleep
- When he has passed out - he has wandered from work a couple times home and when he has awoke - he does not recall the entire day spent at work
- Emotional stress triggers them along with my presence - yet he wouldn't know if he had them if I wasn't there to tell him

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