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CMV reactivation
I am a 37 years old immunocompetent male who contracted CMV a year ago.. I had numerous symptoms ( headaches,dizziness , muscle pain and twitches , fatigue, slightly elevated body temperature) that lasted for almost 6 months... CMV batt was positive for both IgG and IgM and that was the only test that came back positive ( I checked hepatitis, HiV , EBV -past infection that I had when I was 18)
this January after catching a common cold (or a flu) that lasted for a week the same symptoms that I experienced last year returned- I think my CMV is reactivated as a consequence of a weakened immune system ..
My question is- since this is a herpesvirus and it remains in my body for life-what can I expect in future?
Will I be ill each time my body is weakened by different factors?
If it is causing me so much problems now,at 37 , what will happen in later life?
Should I consider antiviral treatment?
I guess what I experience with this virus is not really an average experience, but reading some posts on this website I realized I am not the only one either.. I would appreciate to get an answer from a doctor that encountered people like me in his practice and who can give me some clue as what to expect in the future..
thank you
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