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It has been about a year now, but regular only this past 3 months or so. However, I am starting to get flash backs of maybe a longer hx that went unnoticed. Did I bung this on to get out of sport in school or is this ongoing? This kind of thing.  I worked in diagnostic medicine for 5 years (MRI) and I really don't want to go down the path of guess my condition.  

I know enough to know it could be, or misdiagnosed as, being anything. What I "have" will depend on who I choose to see, and very little else.

However it is getting to the point that i think it would be irresponsible not to look into it. But I know they won't find anything. And if they do it will be later and too late (cynical. Hospital work will do that).  

All I have to add is one of my theatre nurse friends said she has heard of this complaint manifesting as varicose veins in that exact spot/s in later life.  

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