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Cyanosis. No explanation so far. Please help!
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Cyanosis. No explanation so far. Please help!

Hello, I am a 21 years old male from Argentina. I hope you can understand my English. I am addressing to you seeking for an explanation to what I'm going through. Here's my story.
I was a very active, happy person some months ago. Almost never got sick before. My life was awesome. On may 8th, some minutes before my birthday I suffered of a panic attack. Since then, I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and was on psychological treatment plus some anxiolytics my doctor prescribed me. I had shortness of breath and many other symptoms. I was doing good with the treatment, I was overcoming the anxiety disorder until two weeks ago.
On July 14th, around 30 minutes after running 10km and probably overexercised, I went to have a shower, and when I looked on the mirror I noticed something was wrong with the colour of my lips. Then I looked at my hands, my fingernails were blue. I tried not to worry, but 30 minutes after that I felt palpitations which would last for hours. Finally the palpitations stopped and I went to bed.
On the next day when I woke up, I felt again the palpitations and my fingernails were still somewhat blue. Also I felt chest pain. I went to hospital. The doctor said I needed an ECG and prescribed me diclofenac for the chest pain.
The next day I had the ECG done with normal results. The doctor told me not to worry. On the next few days, my fingernails were not blue anymore, but somewhat purple, I knew something was wrong with them. I went to another doctor and he sent me to another gp and a pulmonologist. The new gp ordered some blood tests, x-ray, another ECG and a spirometry. I saw a cardiologist for the ECG, who said I should get a cardiac echo, because the ECG was ok. Then I went to a pulmonologist, had the spirometry done and he also tested me with an instrument around my fingers and said that my approximate oxygen in blood was ok. Then I went back to the gp, she said that the blood tests were ok, the ECG was ok and the spirometry was ok. But the x-ray showed that the bones of my spine in my neck were straight, and they should be a little curved. She said that this would get better in some days. She told me that the cyanosis wouldn't appear again and I said that the colour of my fingernails wasn't normal, that it was a litte purple. She said they would get normal again. She also told me to get the echo done when I have time, that it wasn't urgent.
Ten days ago I started feeling a sort of dizzy. Not exactly like vertigo, but a strange sensation of instability. I felt headaches through all my head, especially in the forehead, like a point between my eyes, in the back of my head, a one side of my head, a point to the left of my eye and a burning sensation within my head. I also felt facial numbness and pain and a heavy sensation above my eyes, and my vision got notably diminished, especially in my right eye, in which I have an astigmatism. I also felt sleepiness and felt I can't concentrate, like my cognitive abilities are diminished. I'm doing an effort to think to write this. All these symptoms persisted. I have them all today.
The cyanosis showed again some days ago. All my fingernails are a little purple, but only my thumb in my right hand gets very blue. It would get very blue for some seconds or minutes and then return to a little purple. It also seems to change with the position or when I press it.
I went to a gp for the dizziness, the diminished vision and the rest of my symptoms. He said I should have the echo done. And he also said that I shouldn't worry about the rest of the symptoms. He looked at the x-ray of my column and said that all the symptoms -but the cyanosis- were related to the cervical contraction around my neck. He only gave me diclofenac and said I should try to go for a walk everyday and get the echo done.
Right now I have that dizziness and my vision is diminished, plus all the related symptoms I mentioned. I'm really concerned about all my symptoms, I feel like my doctors are not giving me the appropiate diagnosis. What do you think I have? What other tests/checks do you recommend me to do? Is there anything you can tell me to help orientate me and my doctors? I really hope you can answer. Thanks in advance.
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