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Wet cold Knee slash shin
At any rate, I make a Generalist appt tomo.  I expect them all to ultimately tell me nothing useful. Either "neurological" magic or back pain; untraceable minor vascular insufficiency, psychiatric, postural, here do some exercises: though we don't know what we are treating we apparently have the cure and hopefully we aren't making it worse *shrugs* ... ad infinitum.  

We all sit in chair all day now, or stand all day. A lot of us fly all the time. It is not clots.  But any clinician will just play the odds game for their specialty, which I could frankly do myself.  

But there is always that what if isn't there?  

I'll see you a few wait list years and a few hundred dollars later hey.  

I'll let you know when I've chosen a specialist; cause then we'll know what I have before I go. Could save a fortune.

Or make one; I'll research the most common ailments and most prescribed treatments in that field and we can all place bets on a top 3 differential, like the melbourne cup?

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