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Possible hernia, please help..
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Hernia occurs when part of an internal organ pushes through an opening in the organ’s wall. There are many types of hernias such as Inguinal Hernia (in the groin), Umbilical Hernia (around the belly button), and Incisional Hernia (through a scar). Discuss topics including prevention, symptoms, causes and surgical treatments for hernias.

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Possible hernia, please help..


I'm a 25 yr. male, and I have a problem that I would really appreciate someone helping me figure out...

About 3 years ago, I lifted a heavy hay bale while working, and I felt a sudden pressure or bulge in my lower left abdomen, it didn't cause any pain at the time...I just knew something went wrong. There was no lump or bulge that I could feel if I pressed on my lower abdomen at the time, and I still can't.  Sometime around 1 month after that happened, I started to feel pain, redness, and discomfort in my left testicle, (and a discomfort where the spot that I felt the pressure or bulge). My right testical never had any pain, discomfort, or started riding higher until about 4-5 months or something after it happened).

Now I still have dull constant pain, redness, and warmth in my left testical along with both testicals riding alot higher than they were before. My left one riding A Lot higher than from before this happened, and it feels like it's being strained and pulled upward towards my stomach (very uncomfortable). Most days, my left testical doesn't hurt, it just feels really uncomfortable. My right testical only has slight pain every once in a while, (maybe from sleeping on my right side of my body overnight?) .

I have seen drawings/sketches of the male body and the parts, and from what I am feeling, it seems like the inguinal canals are in line with where I am having the discomfort, or where the problem might be associated with. But it's just weird that it is on both sides when I only had the pressure or bulge problem on my left side..

I have found what CAUSES the most amount of pain is;

Sleeping on my stomach (I cannot do that anymore, because it causes sharp/dull pain to my left testical, and sometimes my right, along with discomfort).

Wearing a belt with jeans ( It puts pressure on the area, either above or below where I felt the pressure, causing pain and discomfort to my testical/lower abdomen).

What HELPS is;

Laying down (the discomfort in my lower abdomen doesn't bother me, and my testicals don't feel like they are being pulled up, especially my left one. And they don't feel swollen at all, but they do when I stand up. Especially my left one).

I went to my doc about 6 months ago, and he didn't feel a bulge or anything on the affected area, and ordered a testicular ultrasound to check for epididymitis (I think that's what he wanted to have them check for), but everything came back negative and they didn't see anything abnormal. After further trying to figure out what my problem was, he said he didn't think it was a hernia and he put me on a month prescription of some type of antibiotics (I forget the name of it, but it didn't help one bit). I then gave up on trying to get it fixed, until last month where my doc scheduled me an apt. with someone from a urology group, and he said it was not an ingunial hernia, and couldn't figure it out because there wasn't a bulge or raised area ( he said it might be a pinched neve in may back that is causing testicular pain..which I know for a fact that isn't the case). I just don't think the doctors care enough about trying to figure out my problem, I am just giving up hope, and am getting really depressed about this because I've been going through hell for the past 3 years..

I really need to get this fixed, because I can't even think straight because this is causing me such discomfort and constant worrying. I would really appreciate it a lot if someone could suggest something that I can request from my doc, like an x-ray to see if they can see a hernia, or an antibiotic option... I really need to get this fixed.

Please ask me any questions that you can think of, that would help me determine what to ask my doc, or would help you understand my problem better. Please let me know when you get time. Thank you so much.
Hello and hope you are doing well.

Hernia is usually seen as a bulge and increase on coughing and decreases on lying down. It is detected by clinical examination and cannot be diagnosed with X rays or ultrasonography. If your doctors have ruled out a hernia, it's unlikely that it is there.

The testis during development comes from the abdomen into the scrotum. The testis tends to be mobile, but if they can be pulled back into the scrotum and retained there then there is no problem. Only if you normally find an empty scrotum and the testis is fixed in the inguinal (upper thigh) then it may be a significant abnormality. So, please don't worry about it being pulled up.

The common causes for testicular pain are injury, infection and torsion. Dull dragging pain could also be due to a varicocele. Varicose veins of the testis are referred to as a varicocele. It is the dilatation of the pampiniform venous plexus and the internal spermatic vein. . It is diagnosed with a clinical examination and confirmed by a Doppler ultrasonography. So, don't worry and discuss these options with your doctor.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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