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Hello, everyone. Think I have a dx now
Some of the longer-term posters here might remember me.

I've not been to a neuro in two years, after spending three years going from test to test, etc., only to be met with equivocal responses. My final experience was that my neuro decided I might be "magnifying" symptoms and referred me for a neuropsych eval. He determined that despite the fact that I had a demyelinating plaque in my spinal cord, other clinical signs that one cannot "magnify," and a few T2 spots (maybe a dozen total) in my brain that I was somehow exaggerating. I also have Lhermitte's, which I know is not really a "sign," but it's pretty indicative of MS, especially in the context of my clinical findings.

So, I took a two-year break. My situation was such that if this were MS, it wasn't RRMS but PPMS, and there's no treatment for it; I wasn't missing out on something DMDs could do. So I've spent the last 2 years making sure I exercise daily and stretch and do strength training, eat well, sleep well, etc. Meanwhile, my gait, etc., has worsened.

A couple of months ago, I started having weird scotomas that ended with a sort of "boom" in my brain, so I went to a neuro in the town where we now live. First visit, I just had a short list of my history so we wouldn't have to get into all that and emphasized that I was there because of the visual thing and the boom. He sent me for an EEG and MRI.

More coming in next post ...
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