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Pelvic pressure
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Pelvic pressure

I started having some symptoms on August 1:
I am 53 years old and have 4 children up to 24 years of age with my last child being born at 41. My babies birth weight were from 8lb 12 oz to 9 lb 2 oz. I had a Novasure procedure 3 years ago (endometrial ablation) from very heavy long periods.
1 month ago I had 1 week right lower quadrant pain only in the morning when I was driving. Then it went away and came back 5 days later but lated only 1 day came back again in the morning when driving. Then I started with pelvic pressure and a couple of days later ankle swelling. Also have had a little urinary incontinence since having my children just needed to wear a poise pad during the day.
Pelvic US and exam clear
CT scan abdomen and pelvis shows gall stones and diverticulitis
My pcp thinks that I may have bladder prolapse and before he had the results of the CT scan I was going to have a cystogram and colonscopy since I have not had one yet. I have been referred to a GYN Urologist.
Right lower quadrant pain is supposed to be rare with diverticulitis. It really felt like really bad ovary pain the type I had when I ovulated.
My pcp said if I have the bladder prolapse most likely will need surgery with a hysterectomy to have the best results.
What does anyone think?
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I'm glad you are seeking counsel with a urogynecologist, these are the specialists for pelvic floor disorders. Large birth weight babies increase risk of POP and every child you have vaginal birth with increases your risk factor.

Do you have chronic constipation? Often a urogynecologist can save the uterus and since there are 5 types of pelvic organ prolapse, it's a good idea to see a specialist to find out exactly what is going on. I'm sure the stones are causing discomfort, pelvic pressure is a classic POP sign. Ankle swelling is unrelated to POP. I'm hopeful you'll get some definitive answers from the exam with the urogyn. Check this other  post of mine for additional info on POP.

Once you have a definitive dx of condition, you'll be able to move forward with a path. If it turns out you do have pelvic organ prolapse, whether cysctocele (bladder) or another type, if you have questions, send them in and we'll address them at that time.

Good luck, hope you get answers soon.


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