Muscle Spasms and Sleep Apnea
by Kate_S, Jul 09, 2008
My husband has been diagnosed with sleep apnea.  He sleeps with a CPAP.  I have noticed that about ten to twenty minutes after falling asleep, his left leg jerks, and at times his hands twitch.  I've researched on the internet a bit, and noticed that muscle spasms are sometimes related to sleep apnea.

I usually have him sleep on his side; that helps with both the spasms and the snoring; sometimes he's still able to snore, even with it on!

He's getting ready to switch to my physician group; is this something he should bring up?

Thanks for your help,

Kate S
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by KatEyes, Jul 09, 2008
It may be that your husband's pressure setting is not entirely therapeutic, especially if on his back. Some machines record if the person is still having apneas, but many don't. If his doesn't, he can ask the doctor to order him a 2 week trial on an auto titrating machine that can help determine an effective pressure.

Movements that are associated with apneas should be resolved if the apnea is treated. There are other movement disorders of sleep, particularly Periodic Limb Movement Disorder. If his movements are rythmic, that would fit the description. If sporadic or random, probably not. Was there any mention of limb movements on his sleep study report? That would be a starting place, but sometimes apnea can obscure the limb movement disorder and it will manifest after the apnea is treated.