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Panic Attacks whilst sleeping/ Night Terrors...Not sure what I'm ex...
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Panic Attacks whilst sleeping/ Night Terrors...Not sure what I'm experiencing!

I'm not sure what it is that I experience,
But I often wake myself up in the night suffering from what feels like has been a panic attack whilst I sleep.
The severity of it varies deeply...
Sometimes I will wake myself up screaming and shouting for no reason I am aware of...normally in these instances I can think 'Oh no not again' and fall straight back asleep...
Sometimes I have a half-asleep dream where I will be panicking because I feel like I am trapped somewhere or something has fallen on me and I will wake up dazed and confused scrabbling against the wall next to my bed...
Other times I will wake myself up shouting as if something has startled me and my heart will be absolutely pounding in my chest and I have to calm myself down.
They have gotten worse more recently and have become slightly more dangerous, I have woken up a couple of times recently falling out of bed and onto the floor as I thrash around. (I did so the other night and ended up with a bruised chin, a bruised knee and a glass of water being knocked flying!)
I don't suffer from depression...
It's not down to what I eat before bed as I have had them since I was very young (even if I don't have one I am still prone to sleep talking and calling out...)
My mum used to come in and calm my down when I had them...
Since I have moved out of home it is normally a poor housrmate who will call out to make sure I am okay!
Does anyone have any ideas or advice, or has had similar experiences?
Severe ones (where I wake myself up in a huge panic, not just by shouting) have become a lot more frequent in the last few months and I have had 3 quite bad ones in the last 10 days!
Thank you!
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I can relate only slightly.  I have every nigh what i call trouble mares, not night mares and when I wake up I remember some of the dream and it us usually depressing.  I also suffer from nasal congestion which sometimes feels like I am suffocating... that's a panic situation even though I can still breath through my mouth.

I have given some attention to the "art" of achieving Lucid Dreaming, the ability to engage your conscious mind in dreams buy 1) realizing you are dreaming - the art of looking for "dream signs"  and I think this builds on looking for dream signs frequently when you are awake, and reviewing some of the dream only things you have written down, remember.  The idea of becoming lucid is it offers the possibility that you can engage your subconscious/dream mental capacity with your awake conscious mind.

I have not yet achieve the lucid dream state, but I can say when I was perhaps 10 years old I came up with a similar situation, only that time I had very frightening monster night mares, and I come up on my own with the idea of whenever I saw a situation/environment (like the dark alley behind my home, or the cellar) to open my eyes wide.  And after doing that every time I was confronted with the scene (dream sign I now call it) I would open my eyes real wide.  Guess what?  Soon after that I was starting into an nightmare, recognized it as a time to open my eyes wide, and I woke up.  It wasn't long before I quit having night mares.  I still have them but no more than one a year or the like and I don't wake up because I no longer practice the wide eye routine when awake - no longer really frighten, well I do remember one night mare in which I was confronted by an intruder when I open the door from my house to my garage.  Still, when I go to open that door I check to see if I am awake. I have not had that nigh mare again.  
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