Follicular Adenoma Treatment
by woofus, Mar 04, 2008
After several rounds of diagnostic tests 20 years ago, I had one lobe of my thyroid removed because it contained a hot nodule that was increasing in size. It turned out to be a follicular adenoma. My father had undiagnosed thyroid nodules, as does my sister now. My 38-year-old daughter is starting tests for an enlarging nodule.  My gut tells me this is a familial problem, possibly autoimmune in nature, but for me, an accurate diangosis wasn't possible without surgery. My daughter wants to avoid surgery, if possible. What are endocrinologists advising today for treatment of follicular adenoma?  Is surgery still the only option, and if so, why?  I remember reading something about the "follicular" nature of the growth making it a candidate for future carcinoma.  Is that still the position of endocrinologists?
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by ChitChatNineBlank, Mar 05, 2008
My two nodules (I was 48 at the time) showed atypical with FNA.  Has your sister had an FNA?  I was told that 25% of Atypical nodules turn into cancer if left intact so that is what made my decision to have 1/2 removed.  Mine came back follicular adenoma (overgrwoth of thyroid tissue) and totally benign but they found 2 small areas elsewhere in the gland of papilary microcarcinomas so I was glad I had the 1/2 out.

They try to treat sometimes with Synthroid to shirnk or maintain the growth of the nodules.  I am on synthroid for supression bcz I have another 3.0mm nodule on the intact side.  So far within the past yr it is Stable and exactly the same.

They will remove if very large and causing problems or future problems .. tricky surgery and if very large and entwined becomes risky.  How large are hers?

BTW, they say my 3.0 mm nodule looks exactly the same as the ones they removed and found to be benign but I do wonder but have decided not to have the TT as what they found with me was incidental and fully encapsulated w/o lymph node involvement and they say 30% of all autopsies find this even though people never knew they had it and dead from something else.  However, I fell into category according to Endo Society recommendations to have other side removed because it was multi-focal (more than one).