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Problems with my period and sudden pressure on my lower ribs
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Problems with my period and sudden pressure on my lower ribs

Lately my periods have been acting weirder then usual. Ever since last October it has been overly strange.

See I skipped November.

In December my period ended a day sooner then it should. I went 6 days instead of my usual 7.

January I spotted on the 5th day and ended on the 6th.

February I ended on the 5th day.

Now I could possibly skip March and I have a new symptom. Now when I sit up or lean over it feels like something is pressing against the bottom of my ribs. Like it is pushing up. I have to lean back in my chair just to be able to sit.

I have noticed that I am constipated a lot more. I seem to be getting a lot more upset then usual. My back hurts a little every now and then, I am getting headaches almost every night. Increase in appetite and seem to be tired more often.

Its all starting to get really confusing.
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