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by yogini13, May 18, 2015
Hello, actually im bearing abdominal pain and cannot poo well. I consume a lot of fibre, f...

by neversurrender, Mar 08, 2015
I've had extreme pain for over a decade, and was a long aggravating journey to find re...

by janie_stillings, May 27, 2014
Today, I stayed home from school. I'm not sure why, but I have been having random stom...

by mobetts, Oct 31, 2013
Was Diagnosed with disease on Sept 25th 2013 by symptoms and gastric emptying study. Was t...

by LaPineBarb, Feb 18, 2012
Woke up and feet and legs hurt. Walking very painful. arms and leg muscles extremely weak...

by sage2x, Sep 17, 2011
Lost today's data again, but this time it was a computer crash on my end. *reconstitu...

by sage2x, Sep 01, 2011
sleep 2:45am to 11:30am? I don't remember. Whatever the sleep tracker says. pain ...

by Moma_Cher, Jul 21, 2011 - 11 Comments
I'm trying so hard to stay positive but I'm nearly in tears. I couldn't slee...

by TT2011, Jul 07, 2011
been hacing lower abdominal pains off and on all day. Could this be a sign of ovulation? Fr...

by bebe2011, Jul 01, 2011 - 3 Comments
I have had mild low abdominal pain all night long and nausea the past few days, i hope this...