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chin rash

well its not realy pimples i tought they were but on my chin i have what looks like bubbles with liquid in my chin. they kind of hurt when i clean my face i just got that in my chin about two nights ago i would like to know it is why i get it and how can i prevent from it coming back. i also think it might be a heat rash not sure

ooh! and i get something like this i think atleast twice a year

hope to here back
thank you
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This may be peri-oral dermatitis which will resopnd well to a course of oral Oxytetracycline. See your doctor for a definative diagnosis and a prescription. Eloise x
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I had perioral dermatitis and canker sores in the mouth (feels like you've sucked on lemons all tight), it was the later development of the sore in the mouth that made everything click into place. I had been using a high fluoride toothpaste prescribed by the dentist which is 5000ppm fluoride. A hypersensitivity to fluoride cause these side affects. change your toothpaste to fluoride free, don't use mouth wash and watch water, juice drinks and wine, mechanically de boned meats such as chicken nuggets. fluoride awareness sites give more details. Honestly I can not believe the difference, it was itchy, red with small bumps round my chin, started at one corner and worked across the front to the other side, and sometimes scaly, I then had the sores in the mouth but all are going / gone.
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